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aggeloseco 08-31-2014 03:11 AM

Simrad autopilot help
Goodmorning to everyone from germany
I have a simrad nss7 on my boat and i wanted to install the ap24 autopilot.
I have hydraulic steering system installed.
Can anyone tell me which components do i need for the autopilot except the ap24 unit?

abbor 08-31-2014 05:02 AM

Actually AP24 is the only thing you don't necessarily need. AP24 is the control panel, the autopilot can be operated and commissioned from NSS7.

You need:
RC42N compass
AC12N autopilot computer
RPU80 pump
NMEA 2000 starter kit

All the above is available as a kit from some dealers (BOE Marine is one)

In case you buy from an European dealer make sure you get the N versions of the compass and the computer. If they don't find them listed in the Simrad catalogue, they are listed in the B&G catalogue (as the Triton pilot)

If you have first generation NSS I would recommend the small OP10 control panel, OP comes very handy with NSS Evo2 as well.

In addition you need two T-pieces, two short hydraulic hoses and probably some adapters as well.

aggeloseco 08-31-2014 06:47 AM

Abbor thank you very much for your help

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