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B744VL sealing into the fairing

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Default B744VL sealing into the fairing

I am going to install this into the hull.
I plan to adhesively glue using polyurethane the fairing block to the hull.

But I dont want to glue the B744 into the housing so it can not be removed.
What common caulk can be used?
Ideally would be soft and rubbery and allow the B744VL to slide out of the housing.

Do you seal the thread area, the flat base or the curved bronze side of the B744VL?
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Most transducers are installed with either 3M 4200 or 5200. I prefer 5200 but many prefer 4200. Yes you seal the thread.
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Yeah, if you use the 4200 it will be much better than using plain silicone, it won't breakdown, shrink or mold. And you'll be able to remove it, fairly easy. You definitely want to run a bead around the the threads, I also run a bead along the entire edge around the transducer about an 1/8th from the edge.
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Ok thanks, will seal edge a little where it meets fairing and some on the thread base into the large hole.

I made my own fairing out of fir wood. I already sealed the fairing where it meets the transducer, will seal the rest after cutting the angle.

It is an inch longer than the genuine fairing, 15"long, otherwise the same general shape. I need to cut the deadrise into it.
I looked at a lot of pics on the web about this and this design was best for wood to make.

Will glue and screw this into the hull so it wont twist. Hull has a lot of deadrise, so it cant twist anyway.
fairing I made from 2 pieces of 1 1/8 " thick wood glued together. Perfect fit for the transducer. A little bit loose for the caulk to work.
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