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Garmin 741xs Max Speed

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Default Garmin 741xs Max Speed

Got a new Pathfinder 2300 HPS and was trying to figure out my max speed. My Garmin 741xs has max speed recorded as 63.1 mph, but when I downloaded my track into homeport it is saying my max speed is 68 mph. Anyone know why the difference?

I guess I should have watched it, but at that speed I find it best to keep my eyes on the water.
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Max speed is your fastest speed recorded during the trip even if you hit that for just a second. if you read the other info you only hit it for 8 seconds you may have had no head wind and a flatter surface for that duration
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it is kind of weird. could have something to do with the antenna reading and getting speed.
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Well, I wouldn't think you went from 58-68-60 in span of 18 seconds.

I've seen my Garmin tracks state these types of anomalies (all the way back to a Garmin 2006!) just like this and always took it as GPS error.
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That's an easy one.

68-63.1= 4.9 is the difference
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highly doubt it is 'gps error'. i think it is much more likely rounding error that occurs when the unit chops things up into legs and has to round off distances and times. I would think this is why one is reported to 0.0mph and the other just to the nearest whole mph. still doesn't make a lot of sense as they should pay more attention to significant digits but I'm guessing that's just it--rounding errors.

pay attention to the 63.1 and consider leg speed a rough estimate.
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