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Need new gps/fishfinder/possibly radar

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Default Need new gps/fishfinder/possibly radar

I currently have a Raymarine E120 that i am constantly having problems with. Last year i replaced the DSM300 unit because it was defective and i kept loosing my bottom sounder. This year it has been saying lost DSM on and off for the last 2 months now and is very frustrating. Recently i lost my GPS detail the machine is reading NO AIS? I am fed up with this system i have tried calling ray marine many times and have got no answer. Does anyone recommend a fix? Or a new possible route for me to go I've been wanting a Garmin system for a while, so if anyone can recommend one that would work as well.
Thank you
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Sounds like it may be a software issue. Have you tried updating the unit or doing a factory reset to see if there is a glitch somewhere? Make sure you save any data that would want because it will completely wipe the unit back to the defaults.

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I had similar issues with my e80s. It would show 'no signal' from the DSM. Low voltage, bad connections and old software......any could be the culprits. I got to the point of almost ripping my stuff out too, but we change some connectors and updated the software for the units and the DSM and I haven't had any issues for a while now (hope I didn't just jinx myself).
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While you might be experiencing a software issue, I'm thinking you've got connectivity issues instead.

The DSM problem could be due to SeaTalk HS issues or voltage issues due to battery voltage or connections being either dirty or too small a wire.

The GPS issues could be due to corrosion on your connections or the GPS antenna may have given up the ghost. Which antenna are you using? A RayStar 120, 125, or 130?

The "No AIS" message is most likely related to the no GPS issue explained above.

I'd go over all the connections, making sure they're tight and corrosion free. I'd also check battery voltages (as the DSM is very voltage sensitive), as well as making sure your positive AND negative wires are clean and making good connections.

The E120 is a GREAT display, and can last for MANY years. And on a side note, you COULD upgrade your software if it's not the most recent version.
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I just called Raymarine yesterday for a question about my MFD. Although I spent a long time waiting on the line, I did get a helpful tech who gave me the info I needed. It's always been that way with them. Just don't call on Monday or Friday or you'll turn gray before talking to a real person.
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I have yet been able to get in contact with Raymarine is there a special number to call? Im always on hold waiting for a customer service representative and after 25 mins it prompts me to leave a message that will be returned within a day and i have yet to hear back from them.
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