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Default Fishfinder software for laptop and more..

Hi. Recently changed my boat and the old owner wished to keep his Raytheon L760C chartplotter and fishfinder. I however still have the through hull transducer 50/200khz and the GPS-antenna. I have planned to use a laptop and MaxSea software for chartplotting, but haven't found any good solution for the fishfinder.
I'm also a bit uncertain about whats needed for combining the laptop and the antenna and the transducer. Since it's Raytheon I'm quite sure it's Seatalk connections.
Does anyone out there have experience or knowlegde that can help. Greetings from Norway.
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Default Re: Fishfinder software for laptop and more..

I'm sure somewhere there is a unit to convert a Laptop to a fish finder but I've never seen one. Navman does make a gps antenna for a Laptop but you might have to settle for a standard fishfinder ....

Good luck and if you find a laptop powered Fishfinder please let us know .....

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Default Re: Fishfinder software for laptop and more..

Welcome to the board!

Nobeltec is the leader in pc based marine electronics/navigation software. Not Cheap! Hereís the sounder software:

There isnít any out-of-the-box marine electronics (Furuno, RayMarine, Simrad) that can compete with the quality of what pc software does with traditional sensors, i.e. GPS antenna, radar, transducer, etc.

Click on the 2nd and 3rd screen shots on this page:

Other pc based software that I am aware of is available from Fugawi and Transas. You might check to see if they sell just a s/w component for sounding.

Fwiw, your pc wonít last much more than a 15.287-seconds exposed to a marine/saltwater environment. You pretty much need to invest in a marine-ized version of a laptop. Donít know what they cost now. Used to be you would add about $1000 over the base price of a pc. All in all, it might be less expensive to toss that RayMarine stuff and get yourself some Simrad toys, since you are in Norway.
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Default Re: Fishfinder software for laptop and more..

Might also want to look at www dot cruzpro dot com I have their PC fishfinder. Got the dual freq xducer, interface box, and PCfishfinder software for $799. This is a pre-sales price which will likely be increased after product development is complete. It has some bugs, but I get good support, and can download latest version anytime. They have updated software avail approx every 2-3 weeks. The demo software can be downloaded and run with a recording file.

Have not seen the Nobeltec product. Also, Raymarine has PC sounder software called Raytech RNS 5.0
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