Seatalk to seatalk ng

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Default Seatalk to seatalk ng

If this has been asked before, I apologize.

I am needing to connect my Raymarine evolution 200 auto pilot, which is seatalk ng, to my
Raymarine s100 wireless remote receiver, which is seatalk. I have an extra cable of each for each type and a place for it on my ng back bone.

Can I splice the 2 together as seen here:

Or do I have to buy the raymarine conversion kit?

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I don't think you can splice them, but honestly, just get the adapter kit so there is no question.
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Default Seatalk NG Cable to Seatalk

The Evolution AC200 autopilot is SeaTalk NG only. You will need a converter to use it with a S100 remote. The left-hand five-wire connector on the AC200 provides power to the SeaTalkNG network and provides no legacy SeaTalk1 support.

Seatalk NG is how Raymarine implements NMEA 2000 without forcing old-school SeaTalk1 users to upgrade everything. A SeaTalk NG spur cable does some bridging between legacy gear and newer equipment but absolutely no translation happens without a SeaTalk converter kit. A ST1 Adaptor Cable is available at Raymarine (I purchase them regularly and I also fabricate my own if I need a special length).

SeaTalk NG spur cables (black with white stripe) have six wires. Five support NMEA 2000 as in any other brand such as Maretron, Garmin, and Furuno, and the sixth yellow wire has active SeaTalk data on it if the piece of gear on both ends of the cable communicate using legacy SeaTalk 1 data. A new i70 display being used with a very old paddle-wheel speed transducer and heading sensor/pilot is a perfect and very common example.

If you do not already have a NMEA 2000 (SeaTalkNG) bus on your vessel, purchase the SeaTalk Converter Kit instead of a SeaTalk NG Starter Kit. It will power up your bus and provide bi-directional translation between the two networks.

SeaTalk NG to SeaTalk 1 Adaptor cables can be purchased from any Raymarine dealer. The 15" cable part number is A06047, and the 3' cable part number is A22164.

I hope this helps.

Mike Wheeler
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You need Seatak NG to Seatalk converter.
The kit contains all you need.

The three pin seatalk connector has to be cut and spliced to the S100 base station.
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Here it is!
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