on board charger question

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Default on board charger question

If I install an on board charger on my boat can I leave it plugged in for long periods of time or do I plug it up the night before I take the boat out? Also do they have built in surge protection? And which is the best brand and model 2 bank charger? Thanks
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Select a charger that is appropriate for the batteries.

This is the Lifeline Technical Manual. This is the best AGM manual available.

This reply shows the battery manufacturer's recommended charging current for flooded cell batteries and for AGM batteries.

The Charles 5000SP chargers are well-made. The one I installed on my boat has been a work horse for many years.

The construction has an aluminum bathtub extrusion for heat dissipation helping to ensure long-life.
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Charles, ProMariner and Guest Marine chargers all get fairly high marks. If you get a good marine dual bank charger, set it for the proper type of batteries you have (Acid, AGM or Gel), you should be fine to leave it plugged in full time. Just don't get a cheap trickle charger or regular car automotive charger that may not have the proper charge and float/maintain profiles built into them.
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Thanks for the help!
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I have a procharger 12 on my 2470 and it works great. Can be plugged in all the time...
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Yup leave it powered all the time....the charger will only charge the batteries as long as it is specifically a marine charger as mentioned.....I use Guest brand charger with 0 issues.
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My MinnKota 4-bank has run constantly for 3.5 years except when on the water.... Charging 3 deep cycle and pne cranking wet-cell maintenance free batteries.
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Default charger

Charles 5000 Lifetime warranty easy install
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