Clarion XC6410 amp? or?

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Default Clarion XC6410 amp? or?

Hey all,

My plan was to wait for someone to sell a JL M600/6 amp and some JL speakers on here or ebay or somthing, but after missing out on a refurbed M600 on the hull truth and a $200 set of nice MX770's also on here, my patience is running alittle thin. Heres my thing, I'm really not looking to spend a whole ton of money on a sound system for my boat, but I do want some quality stuff. I've decided not to run a head unit, just an on/off switch to the amp, and an RCA/Aux cable set up connected to a blue tooth receiver I have from Brookstone (how am I going to power it you ask since it normally runs off 120V AC? It's powercord provides the receiver with 5VDC from the 120VAC, which is what a USB/Cigarette car charger provides so I will be making a custom power cord for that out of one of my old I phone cords). I have been using it for my home stereo and the little thing works great. If it fails after alittle while for not being marine grade thats ok, its only $20, and should fix the dilemma of blowing out the amp/speakers plugging my ipod in and out with the power on

I want to be at that $500 price point that seems to be mythical for some people on here after doing some searching, however I think in my case it can be done. I just want some above average sound with 4 speakers, but don't need to be blowing up the sandbar. From all the reading in past posts it really seems like 4 properly powered JL 6.5's or equivalent is going to be perfect for me. I'd like to be in the $250-275 range with the amp and say $250-300 for my speakers (Man, had I gotten the two deals that I wasn't quick enough for last week on this forum I would have had a sweet JL setup for $450 )

So I'm looking at different options, I can grab one of these Clarion XC6410 for $260 brand new.... opinions? Any other suggestions?

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Nate: Clarion amps are really top-notch. I have owned two in the past 12 years (2 different boats) & they have never given me an issue. Currently I have the 2-channel XN-3210 (last years model) paired with two Rockford-Fosgate M282 here:

Clarion XC-6410 here:

Good Luck with your purchase.
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