need help with redundant NMEA2K system

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Default need help with redundant NMEA2K system

I want to make a redundant NMEA2K system:

2 Chartplotters
2 GPS receivers
1 Sounder
1 Transducer
1 Radar

1. Can I connect the 2 chartplotters and 2 GPS receivers in the same single NMEA2K network? I have no idea. If i can that should make things a lot simpler.
2. How can I connect the Sounder and Radar (and other navigational devices) such that, both chartplotters can display the infos from those devices?
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You can hook multiple GPS antenna in an N2K bus, you will have to choose which is your position source on your MFD. To share the sonar and radar, typically each manufacturer has a high speed Ethernet type bus that you can hook the MFDs together with. This higher speed connection allows that sharing. For more specifics you are going to have to define what models you are planning on using as not all models can do these things.
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