Problem with new E7 raymarine.

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Default Problem with new E7 raymarine.

My E7 was installed this winter . was working fine up until today. the touch screen was acting funny . touch one thing and it would do another or do nothing at all. it would work fine with the joy stick. is there anything I can do before sending it back. I really do not want to lose all my waypoints?
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No expert on the e7 by any means but I would suggest you try backing up your data, install the latest software and then see how it works.
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I helped my buddy install one of those. On His first one the touch screen would only last an hour. Upgraded firmware to latest, factory reset, all the usual things. No help. Switched it out for two more brand new units, same problem. Right now, he's just living with it. He just does a reset every time the touchscreen flakes out.
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I've experienced touch screen issues also. You've done the precision touch screen alignment already? If not, that's the first step.

After the alignment is complete, I have found that if I remove power from the unit to turn it off, the next time I power up, the alignment is off and needs to be re-done.

I got a wild hair and instead of pulling the power, I pressed and held the power button untill it turned off. When I powered back up, the alignment was still good! I'm guessing that the alignment "data" is written to memory on a "normal" power off and remains when powered back up.

Hope this helps,

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Oh now that is intriguing! I've been leaving on and powering off via battery switch. I'll try this next time. thanks.
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Had the same touch screen issues, with a complete misalignment of the screen. Downloaded the new software and installed. Unit locked up. Tried a factory reset without success. Finally brought it up to Raymarine (fortunately only 10 miles away). Told by tech that cannot upgrade software from to First must upgrade to an intermediate level. Second, indicated there is a 25 point screen alignment which is more effective than the 4 point.

I will reinstall the MFD this weekend and see if the problems are solved.

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