Lorance side scan

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Default Lorance side scan

Hi, Will a Lss-2 side scan with a gen touch work in 100 ft of water.How far out to the sides will it see clearly and what is the max speed you can go.Thanks Mike
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It depends on the clarity of the water. I was viewing bottom in 100' and had each side out to 350'. It was a little dark at the edges but a clear picture of the bottom.

After about 10 mph the picture fades until I loose it about 25mph. It might be different for you depending on your setup. It holds bottom at 45 mph for me.
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A lot will depend on where you put the StructureScan transducer. It needs to be in undisturbed water. The best views come at 5 mph or less but I can still see well up to about 10. On my boat the hull shape causes disturbed water at 15 mph.

For fast 20 mph and above I use the standard sonar.
Something else...past about 60' you'll need to use the 455 frequency. You won't lose detail but 800 won't do it.
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Mine tracks bottom at about any speed. I have the transducer mounted somewhat low. I don't get anything but a relatively flat bottom at speed, but works quite well at 100 feet depths to get a decent idea of what is down there. I have used it for imaging at 10mph effectively, but haven't really done any expirementing to see where the image starts to lose resolution for me.
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