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Default North Star 952

My North Star 952 worked fine when the boat came out of the water in January. It needed a software update for time,tides and since it was showing me driving over the marsh. I had the update done in march. Finally got around to installing the GPS last week and it wouldn't find signal. I brought it back to the store who did the update. The tested the antenna. Still wont pick up signal. They did another update and said leave it on it may take a few hours. The boats about to go in the water this week, delayed from sandy getting my house. So what's up with the 952. It seems I'm not the only one having this issue. Is there a way to reset it or does it need to be reprogrammed
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Here are a few questions /suggestions to chew on :

Which model 952X do you have? All of the models show only 952X on the front chart door, but the XD,XW and XWD models will have the second (and possibly 3rd)letter shown as a suffix on the unit's serial number on the case back and in the Star key system service page.

Which antenna are you using? The basic GPS only bulb style AN150 (no splitter) or the flat round or square AN205P(?) combo GPS and DGPS antenna (with inline cable splitter)?

How was your antenna tested at the shop and what were the results?
Was it tested on your 952 or another 952, 951 or 941? And was your boat's antenna cable used or the shop's?
You might check for clean, dry tight connection at the antenna. If yours is the AN150, unscrew the lower mast mount part of the antenna case to access the cable connection.

At home, is your GPS antenna hooked up to the upper BNC jack on the back of the set,... that is - not , say, just a DGPS cable hooked up to the lower UHF connector thinking it was the GPS antenna, yes?

If it's the combo antenna is the antenna cable connected to the splitter and the splitter GPS cable to the GPS?

Is the antenna outside with a pretty good clear view of the sky all around? This can make a huge difference in after-service 1st position acquisition speed with these older less sensitive antennas and receivers, particularly when started well away from position at which it was last shut down when it knew where it was.

Is the set being run with good 12 vdc source , as in truly fully-charged battery at least, including very good ground connection? It's just possible somewhat lower voltage might inhibit optimum receiver sensitivity to some degree.... .

When you turn on the 952, does it pass all the initial systems tests?

While it is trying to acquire sufficient satellites to lock on position, does the Sat Info page show any satellites at all being acquired , either locked on or temporarily , and if so, what SNR 's are showing? If any are locked on , leave it running until 3 or more sats are locked.

On the Star key tide station page , are any somewhat local stations showing up on the list? Or has the whole list still disappeared. Can you display the local graph? (Both those may well still be dependent on that 1st position acquisition though.)

About the only last thing I can think of to suggest is go to the Star key pages (Navigation options??) and check to make sure that GPS source option has not somehow been switched to Extern(al) . Even though you have an external antenna, that EXTERN setting would only be used if this 952 was "borrowing" GPS signal from another 952 , or 951, 941 or other GPDS with it's own GPS antenna and receiver or antenna which is also a full GPS receiver.

FWIW, the suggestion of 2 hrs for full acquisition seems quite excessive if connections are very good & correct , the correct antenna is used and afforded clear unobstructed sky view and the 952 is good with proper gps source settings.
After service my 952's have taken perhaps up to 20 minutes for 1st position lock on , then a minute or 2 at cold start the rest of the season.

Best luck.
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Thank you. I will check this out more throughout the week as the boats going inn the water today. I'm pretty sure it's a 952x model GPS. I had someone else install it a few years ago so not sure if there's a splitter but I don't think so. The shop tested with my unit, the antenna was theirs. My batteries are good. Tides come up on the last station I had it set on, haven't double checked if their accurate but the clock is 15 minutes off. The obvious things like connections I've checked numerous times. Thanks again. I'll let you what I find
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who did the software update for you
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Default Northstar 952

If all the steps above checkout it sounds like you GPS engine is failing on the main board. I had the same problem with my 952 XW. I was told that Navico not longer repairs the 952.
Time to look for a new GPS
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