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Default underwater fishing camera

Is it worth while buying a underwater fishing camera and if so which one- would love to hear from your experience
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I use my B-I-L's Atlantis U/W removable-weight cam with 100' cable and self-powered 12 vdc onboard monitor ( all in a great waterproof Pelican case) for a lot of things, but so far never as a trolling cam. It has an included long life rechargeable (gel?) battery for about all-day use.

I.e., : Checking the I/B running gear for fouling or checking the 6 U/W anodes to see if I need to get in the water,
finding friends' many lost expensive anchors in up to about 30' depth,
viewing diver friends' activities while I'm tending,
locating items (glasses, watches, keys,etc.) lost at deep docks,
drift-checking fish habitat , wrecks and other structure down to about 90'.
I even have used it several times to view otherwise unviewable areas of my gas engines & friend's big diesel to nail down the source of oil or coolant leaks or locate small parts or tools that haven fallen under them. Priceless.

This is not a Go-pro type recording cam , though the monitor does have a video outlet for recording, but I watch in real time.

This model is B&W with CRT monitor with a shade cover that is needed in bright sunlight. I would prefer LCD color monitor & cam with longer (150-200') cam cable, and models with 360* panning cam function could help a whole lot in some circumstances as when anchored , slow drift or min-speed scanning the bottom, though this one works better for somewhat faster bottom searches. This one can see well in essentially complete darkness too.

Here in the NE, visibility range with the cam is limited, just as it usually is when diving here.

Unfortunately, Atlantis closed their doors many years ago.

Personally, I don't have any interest in view-later Go-pro types for my own varied uses.

This is what I use:
I don't use it very often but when I do, boy is it handy.
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I've used a couple of different ones, my main use is to help me understand what my Echo sounder is telling me, with regards to bottom structure.

I'm sure many of us have been on a boat with other experienced fishermen and a lump shows up on the bottom, everyone has an opinion on what it is, but they are different.

The camera is great to settle any bets, but it won't make the fish bite, dropping the cam down and seeing a fish completely ignore your bait or jig is very frustrating.
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