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Default Garmin GHC 10 AP

Maybe someone on here has a quick fix for me. Earlier this summer my autopilot turned into a drunken sailor. I would engage the AP and then the boat would swagger left an right, less distinctive than the zig zag program, but definitely not in a straight line.

I took the AP to an electronics person and had them update the software and re-run the wizards. (we had to install a card reader to get this done) Thereafter the AP worked as usual for 4-6 weeks.

Last week the drunken sailor returned. I can not get the AP to reset so I can run the wizards. Supposedly I can hold down the left and center soft key and then power up the AP and the wizard option should appear. When I do this the screen just stays black.

Anyone have any insight? Any other methods to use to get to the wizards. I will call Garmin next, but I know there are a lot of Garmin folks on this board.

I can fish without the AP, but as we all know, once you have used one, you never want to go without one.

Thank you.
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To perform the advanced configuration power-on procedure:
1. 1.With the power off, press both the center and the right soft keys on the GHC 10.
2. 2.While holding the center and the right soft keys, press and hold thePowerkey.
3. 3.Hold all 3 keys until the heading screen appears, and then release the keys.

To ensure that the advanced configuration options are available:
1. 1.From the heading screen, select Menu >Setup.
2. 2.If the option forDealer Autopilot Configuration is available, you correctly performed the advanced configuration power-on procedure.
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The Dealer Autopilot Configuration is normally hidden after the initial Sea Trial setup is completed. To access the Dealer Autopilot Configuration, please follow these steps.

From the Heading screen, press the Menu button
Choose Setup
Choose System
Choose System Information
Press and hold the Center Soft Key button for 5 seconds until Dealer Mode appears
Press the Back button
Press the Back button
After the above procedure has been performed, follow these steps to access the Dealer Autopilot Configuration.

Press the Menu button
Choose Setup
Choose Dealer Autopilot Configuration
Follow the steps to perform the certain function that is desired

In older versions of the software, prior to 3.00, the Center Soft Key button was used to access the Diagnostics mode in the GHC 10. The hidden key for accessing the Diagnostics mode has now changed to the Right Soft Key from the System Information Page.
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Thank both of you, I will print all of this and try it on Friday. I hope it works, this AP is really kicking my rear. I don't understand why just out the blue it decides it needs to start wandering around. Works great for a couple months and then just loses its mind (like my wife).
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Also, check for some obvious issues beside setup.

1) Make sure you are getting a good tach signal and it is correct
2) Make sure you have not installed or placed anything metal, like an anchor or something near your compass ball
3) Also inspect your compass ball plastic mount closely. Many times, the plastic mount will be loose or actually cracked, allowing the compass ball to move slightly, causing problems with the AP.
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