HDS screen jerky?

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Default HDS screen jerky?

HDS owners,
is it "normal" for my HDS screen so slightly jerk along, maybe 1/16th in. at a time?
Also another symptom of a possible issue is the screen seems to pulse with each 1/16 in. movement of the screen.
It's not horrible and the unit , HDS 9 Touch, is working well otherwise.
I assumed it would be a smooth scrolling device.
Also, to save time,
I'm hooked directly to a separate battery with plenty of amperage,
Cables are not run with other power cables
Screen also inches along in demo mode

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unit has tons of memory space left in it
also has the same issues with or without any SD card inserted
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What screen configuration, what charts (internal, Navionics, etc), running any overlays (radar, weather)? Using internal or external GPS module, and if external, which one (and what refresh rate).

Also, what version of software - the latest reports to address some lag issues....
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lowrance charts, no overlays, internal GPS on hds 9 touch, refresh every second, or back to factory settings, it's all the same screen inching along
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If you by any chance have a Gen 2, there reportedly is a S/W update (May 2013? V 2.0?) that provides for a 5x increase in refresh rate. Don't know if it applies to 1st gen.
And if you are on heading or course up, you might try N up.
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Do you know if you have a remote compass in your system? My HDS 12's were kind of jerking like that and I was disappointed because I bought it so the map would turn smoothly while I was in heading up mode. Without the remote compass the map would lag or stall then jump around. I was told the RC would eliminate this.

Until the latest software update my units did Infact do that annoying 1/16th jump. With this last update the map is very smooth.
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