GSD26 blowing up

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Default GSD26 blowing up

I have the GSD26 with GPSMAP4010 and R599LH in-hull transducer.
This is the second time that the Low frequency output of the GSD26 has blownup. The High frequency keeps working fine.
The local Garmin agent has replaced the GSD26 the first time. I tested it in shallow water (up to 200m) and was working fine but when I went to deeper water (around 500m) it stopped working again. The Garmin tech has checked the Transducer and he said it seems ok. But since it happened twice we are blaming it on the transducer.
I am still waiting for a reply from Garmin USA on what to do.

Anyone had a similar problem?
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Ur probably one of the few people who has a 599. I'd blame the ducer too. I have the 265 and no issues in over a year.
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I have a 599 on a BSM-2 Simrad and it works great.
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Anyone know or have contact info for one of the Garmin marketing reps? Like one of the boat show guys?
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When it's working how good is the gsd-26/ R-599 combination?
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I fish in 300-400m depths and so far could only use High Chirp (since the Low chirp is not working). I had the Furuno 585 with the M260 before this.
What I can say is that the GSD26 at High Chirp is giving me similar performance of the Furuno at 50kHz for those depths.
I have checked a few spots at around 100m but was not impressed with the details - this was a few minutes test though and did not fiddle with the settings. However in shallow water (less than 50m) the details were impressive.
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I have the same xducer and no problems
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The local agent has replaced both GSD26 and Transducer and now everything is working fine without problems.
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