Installing airmar ducer

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Default Installing airmar ducer

Need info. on an airmar R199 ducer. 2kw 50/200 khz. Using it on a furuno 1100 finder. Comes with a surrounding housing to allow for inside the hull installation). My question is : would sensitivity be best (depths 500-1800 ft) if the housing were removed and ducer were installed thru hull as my commercial fishing buddies insist ?
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Thru hull is going to have increased depth and sensitivity compared to an in hull installation. I think the R99 is the thru hull mount version of the R199. I would call Airmar tech support about using the R199 as a thru hull or pocket mount to see if they have any "gotcha's" that your buddies don't know about. Thru hull is always going to perform better than an in hull installation, but that R199 is going to be fine at those depths in hull.

At that expense, why not CHIRP? It'll perform better and might even cost less.
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The 16 element R199 being a tank mount has a head that would not be best suited for a thru hull mounting.
( At 2 kw The R199 as a shoot thru will work for your depths.)

There is a another option.
A 16 element R99 is an external mount and would be the preferred unit to use over modifying the R199 as a thru hull......easier to mount and less money spent overall.

A another good option is to use a CHIRP R109C (In the tone pulse mode) as that will work with the FCV1100 and will be a higher quality ducer than its R99/R199 tone pulse counterpart.

And..then you have the stage set if you ever wish to move up to a full CHIRP setup.

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I have the R99 50/200 with the FCV 1100 and it will easily work to those depths so I would think the R199 would as well. I can read bottom in excess of 3000ft. Semper Fi knows his stuff and his suggestion is probably a good thing to look into.
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