Sitex SP110 VRF problems

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Default Sitex SP110 VRF problems

Has anyone had any issues with their autopilot staying on course when you increase boat speed? Just installed a new sp110 vrf on a 31 ft contender. Boat will track in auto mode at slow speeds but when you start increasing speed and get to about 18 mph it will take a hard turn to the right. Compass calibrated good. Also, it will not work in GPS mode. It will take a hard turn right away when trying to navigate to waypoint.
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Funny no responses, so I am adding to this hoping more chime in.

I recently installed the same AP on Parker 2310 and have similar findings.

#1 Pump is much louder than expected. I do not have experience with RM AP, but Simrad's are very quiet. Do others agree this pump is loud?

#2 Similar issue as stated in previous post. Tracks straight, but when I engage GPS waypoint, mine jogs over 45 degrees to port and then slowly comes back to straight. Doesn't make sense why.

#3 I cannot get my radar overlay to work on HDS, doesn't the heading compass included with AP enable this?

Any feedback would be appreciated.
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I have this pilot and have had this happen because there was a macerator pump too close to the heading sensor. Also accidentally turned response way up and the thing was jumping all over the place at speed - I think you hit mode and turn it up or down. NMEA0183 out to my RL80c works just fine for me for radar overlay, although I think I've used it only once. As for pump noise, it really isn't too loud for me, but I think a lot of it also depends on how hard the pump is working. On my 28' Pursuit, I had to turn the flow rate wayyyy down on the pump to get it where I wanted it.
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