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Default Lowrance Structure Scan 2 or Humminbird Side Imaging

My name is Jonny and I live in Norway.
I want to buy a new fish finder. Now I am not sure if I should buy a Humminbird 898c HD or a Lowrance HDS 7 + LSS2 . I want to use the unit in lakes and in the sea. In the sea you fish anywhere from 40ft to 800ft. I have read several threads and was playing around with both units in a shop. From playing around I liked both.
Let me first say, that I don´t want to start a general debate about Structure Scan against Side Imaging. I know there are several threads out there. But I have two specific questions for which I could not find a clear answer. So it would be great if the guys who know about both systems can share their opinions with me.

1. I know the overall max dept for Side Imaging or SS is limited. But which one would give me a deeper reading/ s more advanced? I also have the impression from reading around that Lowrance SS2 has maybe a crisper picture compared the Humminbird? True or just marketing?

2. 2D Sonar. At my boat in the sea I will install an Airmar 1KW transducer. So can I expect the same performance from both units with this transducer? Or is the Lowrance far ahead and Humminbird bad on 2D for deeper water?

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I have limited experience with Humminbird Side Imaging, but at least for DownScan I know Lowrance is much better since they use a dedicated transducer element for DownScan. Here is a ScreenCap from a Simrad unit using the old StructureScan LSS-1. LSS-2 is improved when it comes to deep water performance compared to LSS-1. The boat is MS Gudrun outside Flekkefjord. I also have a couple of pictures of Blücher which is at 90m.

Lowrance HDS is a far better deep water 2D sounder than any Humminbird. I have a TM260 which I've used with both HDS and Simrad NSS, both combinations have a very good performance.

I would recommend HDS-7 Touch instead of HDS-7 Gen2 + LSS-2. The Touch units have the StructureScan electronics of LSS-2 built-in. In case you prefer the seperate StructureScan balckbox, you should consider Simrad NSS instead of HDS-7. I have HDS-7 Touch, NSS-7 and LSS-1 StructureScan.(and a few other HDS units as well)

I guess you are aware Humminbird and Lowrance HDS bought in US don't work very well in Europe. Both will lack Metric units, Scandinavian languages and the Lowrance will also show annoying pop-up messages.
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If you do want an HDS-7 I have one for sale, a generation 1 with a 200/83kHz transducer.
I live in sweden.
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And if you want a NSS8 + LSS1, you can contact me.
Never used in the boat

And I live in the Netherlands :-)
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