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Dropping Voltage?

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Default Dropping Voltage?

When I commissioned the boat this spring, I topped off the charge on both batteries, and everything worked fine. Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to use the boat again until about two weeks ago, so I topped the charge off on a battery charger overnight, and launched the next day.

I noticed that the Yamaha digital guage was blinking the voltage reading at 11.1, but the old analog meter was still reading just a hair over 12. I was running a fair dsitance, about an hour, so I thought it was just needing to charge a bit more. Oddly, the higher my rpms the lower the voltage readings dropped. When I reached my destination, I shut off the engine, and turned the key to the run position, and the voltage read 12.5.

The exact same scenario repeated itself this past weekend, though I didn't top off the batteries with the charger. I've never had trouble starting the motor.

I wasn't using any electronics at all when running, so the voltage drain was very low. Last year, the analog and digital voltage meters were both reading close to 14. Bad batteries? Engine not charging? Other ideas?
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Corrosion/loose/ bad connection.
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Originally Posted by bradv View Post
Corrosion/loose/ bad connection.
+1. That would be my guess also.

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