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yakman72 07-09-2012 07:58 AM

Eagle Cude 128
Hey yall. I have a Jon boat that I'm outfitting for fishing. I figure even though I really won't hot bottom and I know these waters pretty well I think I still need a depthfinder.. I was going to buy the echo 100 because its the fheaoeat one I can find and we have one on the big boat. But this sounds like a good option, a guys selling a used one for $25 and I can afford that.. this one has everything and runs on batteries.. sounds like a good option I guess. I'll already have a battery on hoard for the trolling motor but this sounds good to save that battery life.. also the seller doesn't know the year. My dad says somethin about old depthfinders not being able to read accurately through muddy water. How much truth is there to this? Do you guys think its a good idea to have this on board? Thanks

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