lat/lon numbers?

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Default lat/lon numbers?

I have a notebook with old Loran coordinates (lat/lon) for many fishing spots. I know what the pairs of numbers represent (DMS). Now I am using a GPS to record lat/lon of fishing spots. The first and second pairs of numbers are still degrees and minutes on my GPS but then there are THREE numbers and I know they they are not seconds. What are they?
I used an online converter to change the DMS from my loran to GPS values and it would never accept the minutes numbers I entered even though they were within the required parameters. What's the problem there? Thanks.

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Degrees.minutes.decimal minutes


38 degrees, 32.345 minutes

you can convert the .345 to seconds by multiplying .345 x 60 = 20.7 seconds

38.32' 20.7"
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Default conversion

Arden software co- He has a software disc for conversion. $100 easy to use
Not sure how close you can get to TD/gps # I have hundreds of #s (TD) converted to GPS
They are close (800 +- ft )but not dead on. Good for drifting an area. No luck for reef locations.
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I have been finding fishing/diving spots using Loran for 30 years and GPS for the last 10. My explantation is for finding underwater spots. Loran is based on measuring the time difference "TD" between the receipt of three signals. One signal is constant but the other two are picked by the user from four possible signals. These are referred to 11, 24,46 and 64 lines. In the later years these TD signals were able to be converted to Deg. Min. Sec. The probem with Loran is if you are in a boat anchored and not moving and custom set two of the signals say useing the 11 and 24 lines then get a DMS reading, then change to another set of singals say the 24 and 46 lines you will get a completely new set of DMS and it can be a huge distance away from the first set. What I have found is the only way you will be able to find your spots is if you convert the Loran TD numbers to GPS DMS and then it will only get you into the ball park.

Another problem is sometimes one number change in a TD can be equal to 50' on one signal and 150' on another.

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