Yamaha NMEA2000 Gateway to SimNet

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Default Yamaha NMEA2000 Gateway to SimNet

On my boat, when they rigged the CL+ gateway, they linked it to my SimNet network via a Simrad adapter cable. The gateway is connected to the bottom of a NMEA2k T (so far, so good). The Simrad cable is connected to the side of the T, and there's a terminator on the other side. There's no power or other connections here.

According to the Simrad manual, the cable that connects an individual NMEA2k product to the SimNet should be Part #24006190 (w/ a Micro-C female connector), though I'm not sure that is the same cable that was used in the installation. I think they may have used Part#24005729 (w/ a Micro-C male connector), which seems to be for joining a SimNet product to a NMEA2k Network. Since they had a male connector from the Gateway, and a male form the SimNet adapter cable, they used the T as a connector, since it has 2 female connections.

Would this type of 'splice' in the NMEA2k connection be a 'supported' configuration? I would think there should be 2 T's, a power drop, 2 terminators, etc..., to get this to work correctly. I can still see at least some of the engine data via my NSE, but not all. I.e., RPMs and fuel flow seem to work, but "Load" is a selectable data source, though I never get data for that (values are always 0).

On a related note - Does anyone know if the CL+ LCD gauge should be able to read depth from the NMEA network via the Yamaha NMEA2k Gateway, or must you have a Yamaha triducer installed?
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