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Default Andren Loran/GPS

Has anyone ever used the Andren program to convert Loran TD's to GPS then download their list to a Garmin data card? I have seen the option to use several different types of GPS units in the tools section(Garmin being one of them)but they give you several choices on how to go about transferring the data to the card. I just purchased a blank data card and reader writer for the card so any info would be greatly appreciated.
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I have used that program for a couple of years now.
It is a great waypoint management program.

Carl Andren gives good customer service as well. I have emailed him severl times with questions (usually asking for assurance that I was doing the right process) and he has responded almost immediately to my questions.

I have a Humminbird Side Imaging gps, and when I purchased the program Carl had not written the software to do the seamless export to a data card that HB could read. He told me he would go to work in it right away. And told me the work around using the HB management program for the step that his program would not do.
Two days later he emailed me the fix that solved the problem and then updated his software so the automatic download included it. He seems to be always tweaking the program to solve any issues his customers have.

His Loran conversion seems to be fairly accurate IMO. I had a couple of dozen older Loran numbers that were given to me by a friend and wanted to convert them as accurately as possible. Carl will want to know where is your normal launching port and he will set your program with the nearest correct reference beacon to convert the Loran numbers. It is a changable reference, so if you are converting numbers for different areas, you can change the reference yourself.

Once I converted those numbers, I haven't used the conversion part of the program since. However, I am constantly using the waypoint management program.

It is easier (and better IMO ) than any WP management program I have used and I have used Lowrance, Garmin, HB over the past 12 years

I like how I can display the WPs on a NOAA chart and see how my waypoints relate to water depths and markings on the chart. However, for quick reference, I often view the display on a "chart" that only shows land outlines. Zoom in and out, move up, down, left right, get the chart looking like you want and then print out a hard copy that makes an easy reference to view any area you are heading for. I did this for the normal area I boat in, and keep it in a binder onboard. Sounds a bit redundant when the WPs are already on my gps, but when you have a few hundred WP's covering 100 sq miles, they're a bit congested when viewing an entire area. The pages seem to work quickly for me to narrow down a WP name I am unable to commit to memory.

I have not used the program with Garmin, but it will allow you to import and export data from many different machine formats, I know Garmin is one of the standard formats. And if your brand is not there, ask Carl to make it work for you. I'm certain, he will oblige you.

On mine, I just export data from my HB, insert the card into a reader on my computer, dowload the data to a folder where I keep all my export files from my machine with the date I exported them as a file name. Then when I open up Andren, You can click on file, open, and chose the file from that folder. That way, I can go back and reference any of the WP exports I have made over the years.

Once you have opened the file, you get a nice spreadsheet you can manipulate any way you wish, edit names, search for "like" waypoints and eliminate duplicates. By "like" waypoints, let me give an example. Once I bought a "spots" waypoint list that had over 1200 WPs on it for my area. I knew they came from all sorts of public references, but it was cheap and I bought it. I used the "find duplicate" feature of the Andren software, where you can set how close you want "duplicate" waypoints to be recognized, and it then highlights the duplicats in yellow. So, I just scrolled down the entire list, eliminated one (or more) of the highlighted duplicates and culled the list down from 1300 to 800 which was more managable. For instance, some of the public reefs had as many as 20 wps marking them on the chart list I bought Multiply that by a dozen public reefs and there was a lot of redundancy. Just to make sure, I would display them on a NOAA chart and it would show them inside the artificial reef area. Now, I didnt need but one number for that reef, so I eleminated all the others. Or if it is a really big reef, I would keep 2-4 corner numbers. and label them 12NE - 12SW or something similar.

Over a couple of years, I still use that feature, as once I go to the reef, I might want to utilize a number I have created that is on top of some specific structure rather than have the corners of the reef displayed. It helps to clean up my display.

I hope this has been helpful, I'd gladly answer any questions, but then so would Carl, just call him. He's the expert, I'm the novice.
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I have used Carl's program since the days of the floppy
Great program and great support. Carl is always there to help.
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Sounds like you have it down, fishmn..thank you for the going to have to give him a call. Im doing something wrong because im getting an error message when i try to export my new waypoints.
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Have used the program from day one. Great Waypoint mgr. I've used it to back up my NS 952 and Lowrance HDS-10. It can get balky when you upload your way points. Will use default to X icon.
Love the program and use it all the time to plan my wreck trips.
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Thanks starting to wonder if its even possible to transfer all my new waypoints to an older Garmin data card for my 2006c. I keep getting an error message with every attempt

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