Building a Stereo Extension Cable

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Default Building a Stereo Extension Cable

Has anyone ever built a long stereo extension cable for their boat? I am re-locating my stereo from an overhead electronics box to the dash area on my boat to make room for some new equipment in the overhead. To do this, I would need to make up an approx. 35-50' extension cable in order to reach the existing antenna. It looks like most of the pre-made cables on the market use a Motorola style connector. What type of cable I should I use and will that distance create a problem with the stereo in any way?

The other option is to use one of the di-pole antennas and mount it under the dash. I'm concerned that the reception may not be very good if I go this route.

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A motorola extension cable should work fine. These are normally shielded cables. Obviously, the longer, the greater the loss, so minimize the length if you can.
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The best A/V cables are available from Monoprice. They have RCA / RCA cables, plus every other A/V cable and interconnect required for any A/V project.

The quality is great and the price cannot be beat!
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The question is about a stereo (audio) cable but in reading the details, it seems the OP is looking for an antenna cable, not a stereo or audio cable. He will probably have to construct this cable himself or have an electronics shop make it for him (a better plan for the inexperienced).

35' - 50' seems like a very long cable for moving a receiver from a T top to the dash. And yes, there will be some signal loss. An amplifier installed at the antenna end of the cable can make up for this loss.
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