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FYI - Low priced option for lights

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Default FYI - Low priced option for lights

I got a 16" strip of waterproof 5050 LEDs. 5050 is the brightest strip out (larger LED the 3" section wraps up or folds good to fit into a small fixture well.). Low amps (I think it's under 2 amps for the whole 16 feet). It came with a controller to select between RGB (red green blue) and the dozens of colors/effects available. Soldering the wires to make sections of the strip took about 4 hours. Installation took about 4 hours. I measured distances to each location/ fixture and cut and soldered the cable between the strips.

I added notes on the Amazon pics link if you go look at my review below. I'm not to impressed with the controller, quality wise, but we'll see how long it lasts. I got 2 more controllers for about $5 each. It also came with a 120v to 12v adapter for home use which came in handy testing to make sure my soldering was done correctly. after soldering I used liquid electrical tape for corrosion and then hot glue over that to add a splint of sorts to the soldered area to prevent breakage. You can get these strips on ebay and amazon from many different companies. This is not a sales pitch just an FYI on how to get boat lights for night driving/fishing if you want to avoid loosing your night vision to find something or do tackle setups. Plus it will work well with coastal night lights transom lights I got after reading about them on here. I'll get a pic with the white on in a few days or so to show you how bright they are. If you buy these STAY AWAY FROM sunvalley (the amazon prime option) I received two orders of the wrong thing after wanting to get more of theses strips.

Strips, but you can get other brands or just individual colors too. I wanted to be able to go from white to green.:

Cell phone pictures, so I think the light is not showing up very well, I am very pleased tho for $40ish.

Four foot section... The little light to the left of the cooler is just one of the led bulbs pointed outward. I just folded it with one bulb sticking out in the middle and pushed it into the fixture where the normal bulb/socket would go. I used a small dab of fast cure 5200 where the wires touch the edge of the back of the fixture to that the wire is not bounce around.

The other side - Note: The strip does have a stick side which is great. I used a dab of hot glue to keep things up especially at the end where the wire was heavier. Once cooled and everything was holding in place With the strip in the middle of a acetone cleaned section/strip on the boat, I took a finger tip of fast cure 5200 at touched one side of the boat and softly pulled away and over the strip and touched the other side of the boat thus making a strip/bracket across the LED strip that is bonded to the boat on both sides of the LED strip. This should hold much better than the super glue. It worked amazing actually when I realised I had not connected the left side at the remote and had to cut and strip and splice both side together. I was tugging on the strip while I used my wire strippers and such. It held to the top of my consul very well after about only 2 hours of curing. I did not want to just paste 5200 across the whole back of the strip 1.) because I though other than a hot glue dab hear and there to hold it up the fast cure would not cure fast enough to hold it up and I would battle gravity the whole time 2.) so I could tear it off. I figured the hot glue and sticky side would not hold over time, so this was my plan to avoid screwing up brackets.

One foot section

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