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HowardK 02-14-2012 08:26 PM

Stumped on AIS connection!
As part of my overall instrument suite, I am attempting to connect a West Marine AIS 1000 class B to my Raymarine C-120W. According to the indicators on the AIS, everything is working...but no AIS targets. I'm not at all sure I have the signals correct to the display. The unit is connected via an orange & black pair (on the AIS) to the 38.4k port on the display, which is also orn/gry on the display and labeled +/- input.

This is getting fairly confusing. Question is, has anyone done the same install on same or similar units? Does the C-120 have to be specially configured, i.e, AIS overlay?? configure port to 38.4? etc, etc.

I'll call Ray in the's late.

Howard Keiper

Boomerang 02-14-2012 09:59 PM

Is the AIS icon lit up on the C-series screen? If it is then everything is wired correctly. You probably just need to go into the presentation settings & turn the AIS overlay on.

Detlefb 02-14-2012 11:29 PM

NMEA Input cable color are green ( Ve in minus) and white( Ve in plus).
Assuming that it is fine, please check general NMEA0183 setting, it has to be switched to 38400.
Pls refer to manual Chapter 12 ( System Integration Setup -- NMEA Port Setting )
Also recommandable is to upgrade the firmware to V5.04 as faulty calculation to TCPA is corrected, if not done.
If you follow Chapter 11 Operation Manual it should work. I have a E120 with AIS which is simular to C120.

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