Suzuki DF40-DF250 SMIS/NMEA How-to

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Default Suzuki DF40-DF250 SMIS/NMEA How-to

After some trial and error I setup an LMF-400 multi-function gauge on my 2011 DF175. Once you know what to do it's easy. The Suzuki instructions that come with the parts from are terrible.

These instructions should apply to 2008 and later model DF40-DF250.

This configuration is to setup a digital-only signal through the factory wiring harness. You cannot run the analog tach and the NMEA signal at the same time through the wiring harness. If you want to run both analog and digital you will need an additional wire to the motor. Refer to this thread for more details on running both modes at the same time:

1 Suzuki Engine Interface Cable 990C0-88134
1 NMEA power cable 990C0-88112
3 NMEA tee connectors 990C0-88110
1 male NMEA terminator/resistor 990C0-88114
1 female NMEA terminator/resistor 990C0-88113
Suzuki/Lowrance Multifunction gauge

You can buy all of the above in a kit from online parts dealers like Brownspoint

You can substitute a NMEA2000 compatible display unit like Lowrance HDS, Garmin chartplotter, etc. for the multifunction gauge.

Step 1 Under the motor cowling, switch the gauge output from analog to digital. On 2008 and newer models this accomplished by simply moving a plug from one spot to another. If you miss this step you will not see devices on the bus. See this document for model-specific pictures.

Step 2 The tach wires now carry a digital signal through the wiring harness. If you have an existing analog tach you would need to unplug it now.

Step 3 Connect the Engine Interface Cable to the motor wiring harness at your dash. There are two white plastic plugs that plug into the harness. There is only one way these can connect.

Step 4 Connect the NMEA power cable to the wiring harness.
There are some existing snap-plugs coming out of the harness that can be used to power your NMEA network.

NMEA power cable (-) (black) to wiring harness (-) (black)
NMEA power cable (+) (red) to wiring harness (+) (gray or red, either one)

Step 5 Assemble the NMEA network

Tee-----Engine Interface

Step 6 Configure multifunction gauge
Turn the keyswitch to the power-on position. The gauge should light-up.
On the gauge, press <MENU>, select "System Setup", then <DOWN> to select "Bus Devices" and hit <ENTER>. You should see "UnCfg Eng Int", select this and hit <ENTER>. Hit <ENTER> again. You then will be asked for engine year, model, and position. When you are done hit <EXIT> until you are back at the main screen.

From here you will need to program the gauge "pages" to display the information you wish to display.

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I bought this sdame kit plus an additional 4" gauge. I just hooked up everything. When i go to the "BUS" screen it cant locate the "UnCfg Eng Int". I bought the kit for 2008 or newer now it looks like I need some kind of adpater? but it looks like you just hooked it all up and it worked?

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Default changing from analog to digital gauge

I have a 2008 df200 and want to change from an analog to a digital gauge. I understand that the engine interface connector has to move from where is is currently connected to a new connector. Specifically how do I identify this new connector?
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