wiring bigle pump with three way switch

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Default wiring bigle pump with three way switch

Ok I am a little confused. I have a johnson pump, with an ultima switch and three way control panel. Is there some reason the negative wires on the back of the control panel be combine, and likewise two of the three positives? Seems like running individual wires would be a lot of wire for a simple task. The two diagrams that came with the pump, switch and panel contradict somewhat.
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I'd ignore that wacky bottom diagram. Just use the top one, as in the online panel installation dagram on p. 9. I'd follow the suggested wirng, but you can combine black wires anywhere after the pump.

As long as your control panel switch has 5 spade terminals, I wouldn't combine neg wires there as the "pump on" indicator light may stay on. The neg wire from control switch to the battery negative could likely be lighter gauge than the neg wire from pump to battery negative. Just make sure you take into account the maximum amp draw and the whole circuit round trips when gauging the wires.
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