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Si-Tex Marine Electronics: Comments?

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Default Si-Tex Marine Electronics: Comments?

Does anyone familiar with Si-Tex Marine have any comments on their products?

I'm looking to purchase a good quality GPS Plotter/Fish Finder combo. I'd like something dependable but without all the unneeded bells and whistles offered by the other big names. I'm also considering to upgrade my current radar with a Si-Tex unit depending upon what kind of feedback I receive about the company.

Any thoughts, insights, or pro's/con's would be greatly appreciated.
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I'm a huge fan. Their stuff works very well, plus you truly get personalized service when you need help as they are a small company.
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Before they changed hands a few years ago, I had purchased a used sitex fishfinder that could be hooked up to a gps for track plotting. I found a used GPS receiver and called them for technical help. A real person answered the phone, transfered me to the guys in the back. The guy I was talking to put the phone down and yelled across the room to get the wire colors I needed to wire up, I could even hear the other guy in the background. That my friends is tech support, when the guy just flat out knows the answer off the top of his head.
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All my gear is Si-Tex, no complaints what so ever, and as mentioned the tech support is outstanding.
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I bought a svs from Gil at semperfi, That was a great experience. I did call, then email Si-Tex two times for a determination on whether the unit would need the software upgrade or not.I know last week was a boat show that they said they would be at so I haven't heard back yet. Whatever route you go just make sure whatever unit you buy is updated and ready to go.
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Bought a new E7i this year and im very happy with it. Nice screen, all the features i wanted and included a chip for way less than a competitive unit. I needed a flush mount kit so i called sitex and they sent me one for free. Very nice people over there.

Im considering a new 650 ff but have heard mixed reviews on its performance.
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I am pondering buying their sea temp gauge, anyone have one?
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Default Sitex Radar

Hi - I have a Sitex 4KW Dome radar and display for sale, great working condition if anyone is interested. It is off of my 1995 Grady White. (Apologies if posting in the wrong location). No clue what it is worth ($500.00?)

(908) 963-1997
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