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Simrad Structure Scan

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Default Simrad Structure Scan

I've seen some impressive pics. I have SS on and NSE12 and just haven't gotten it to where I've gotten much of an image. I'm trying to use it more but often turn it off because I find the image from my regular sounder better and more consistent. Offshore I seem to have to go very slowly or the wave action/bubbles render little to no image. Am I supposed to be able to spot pilings as I pass a dock? Can it help spot ledges or schools of fish off to one side of the boat or another? Or do you really need something with a large profile to get much of an image? If anyone has Structure Scan I could use your help on how you got it set up and operating to your liking. Any help appreciated. Thank you
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Keep a straight heading, turning warps the picture
Dont zoom out to far to the sides or you need a large target like you say.
switch freq. try 455 for wide range or under 40 ft deep 800 for deeper
adjust your color some pallets some look better than others
Contrast adjustments can also help

There is a little bit of a learning curve until you get the hang of it.
Yes you can spot schools of bait off to the side, It helps to run Downscan in the split screen to confirm the depth of the baits
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thanks...maybe i've been doing it backwards...been doing the higher frequency shallow and trying the 455 deeper. When I pass a dock though, shouldn't I be able to see pilings?
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