Recommendations for NSS8 transducer

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Default Recommendations for NSS8 transducer

It seems that the NSS 7 and 8 comes pre-packaged with the BSM-1 built-in, but does not include the transducer. From what I can tell, it seems the Airmar B60 LP-BTH is good option.

Any recommendations or preferences?
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B60 is good B164 is better but it all depends on your needs (depths you fish at etc.). Please elaborate in order to get better advice
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My range would be inland lakes, coastal sound waters to about 5 to 8 miles out.
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The B60 BL thru the hull and the P66 BL transom mount both have the same single element..
Their cone angle is 45 / 12 degrees.
The 45 degree 50 kHz coverage will be: At 100' depth...83' across.
The 12 degree 200 kHz coverage will be : At 100' .............21' across.
The 200 kHz side is the most sensitive and that is where you will get the most detail.

The B60/P66 being a single element transducer is a good general purpose unit...they are 600 watt units.

The B164 has three elements and has 6 times more sensitivity at 50 kHz and 2 times more sensitivity at 200 kHz than the B60/ P66 units.
The B164 is 1 kw capable but is a definite advantage for lower wattage sonars.
If an Airmar, It ships with a mix and match cable so you can easily change soanrs manufactures and not have to change the transducer...just the cable.

Cost wise the P66 BL is about $125 and the B60 is $195..
The B164 runs about $625.

lots of options but is it always good to see how each unit compares to the other .

Just keep in mind the cone angle..the deeper one fishes the narrower the angle for best results.

For example at 1000' a 45 degree cone covers over 800' may see targets but very difficult to know if they are actually under your boat.
A 19 degree cone at 1000' covers just over 300' wide. Less area and a bit more detail.
A 6 degree cone at 1000' covers 100' across...more detail and now its easier to put the boat on top of the fish.

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I fish inland out to 1800ft.

HDS8 and NSS8 with Airmar B60 have been AWESOME.

My setup has done better than some other boats I've been on with 1kw shoot-thru's in terms of target separation and definition.

I don't lose bottom at all unless it's truly snotty and I'm running up on plane in over 400ft. On calm days I have kept the bottom at 30knots in as deep of depth as I've been able to take the boat.

If you fish deep stuff often, the B164 will give you more precision (narrower cone and more power). There are times when I wish I had that instead of the B60, but when a $200 ducer is showing me separate tilefish on the bottom, I cannot complain at all....

Sounds like the B60 is all you from what you said you do. No reason to go with the transom mount unless you have a cored hull or something where the tilted element thru hull isn't an easy install.
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Faster, bigger and more power is always alluring. On a practical side, it seems the B60 is right on track for my Scout 222.

Thanks to all who responded.
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