Help connecting GPS to VHF DSC

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Default Help connecting GPS to VHF DSC

I'm attempting to connecting the DSC capability of my Garmin 178C to my Raymarine Ray53. I have taken some pictures of both wiring diagrams. It is clear to me the Garmin white and green wires should be connected to the Raymarine purple and blue wires but I'm not clear if the purple connects with the green or white. Obviously if I figure out one connection, the other connection falls into place. The first picture is the Garmin diagram and the second is the Raymarine diagram. Thanks for the help.
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It doesn't look like the Ray53 is an NMEA talker, it just listens (NMEA Input a.k.a. Data In). It will listen for your GPS position coming from the Garmin but it won't send data back for automatic plotting if it picks up someone else's DSC distress call.

So... The Data IN wires on the Garmin won't be needed, since it just talks to the Ray53 and doesn't need to listen. According to that diagram the Garmin uses the black wire for both Power - and Data -, so the black wire needs to be connected to the Ray's purple wire (NMEA Input -) and one of the Garmin's Data Out + (green or blue, but take the green since that's what the diagram shows) connected to the Ray's NMEA Input + (blue).

Disclaimer: I'm not a professional, but I have had to fix professional mistakes networking NMEA devices. They have my sympathy trying to figure this stuff out.
Warning: First post is often full of crap. Good luck.
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So you dont go crazy, I believe on the 178C you have to go into the Menu and actually turn data port 1 or 2 on. So once you have it wired,it may not work,because you have to turn on NMEA ports basically
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Both Pallassi and llord have it correct.

I'd twist the wires together and turn everything on first so you can confirm that the Ray is picking up the signal from the GPS. Once you have confirmed it, then make your final (permanent connections.)
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Sounds like plan guys. I will take a shot at it and let you know how it works. Thanks for the help!
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