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krbernier 10-10-2011 07:50 AM

opinions on new boat electronics
I just picked up my 2012 sea hunt triton 225. I would like opinions on my electronics selection. So far i am leaning towards:

Lowrance hds7 w/50/200 transducer
Lowrance hds7m
Navionics platinum+ NE and canyons
Lowrance Sonic Hub
Standard horizon gx2000 vhf
simrad rc42 heading sensor


Lowrance lss1
Lowrance 3g broadband radar

abbor 10-10-2011 08:17 AM

I would have replaced the HDS-7 combo unit with a Simrad NSS7. Will interfrace flawlessly with the Lowrance equipment. NSS has a combined touch, rotary controller and buttons user interface. Much simpler to use than anything else on the marked. I use normally my NSS7 as a fishfinder, but when I shall create a new route for my HDS-8, I use the NSS for creating the route. When iterface to HDS by Ethernet the route will immedeatly show up at the HDS screen.

If you budget and space allows I would have considered HDS-8. HDS-7 screen is only 6.4", HDS-8 is 8.4". This is a difference in screen area of about 80%.

You should consider the AIS version of the VHF called 2150, there is also a 2100 version available, but this will not interface with HDS-7. The 2000 model you are planning to buy only has AIS display capabilites not a built-in AIS receiver as 2100/2150.

I guess the Simrad compass should be RC42, not RC45.

semperfifishing 10-10-2011 08:32 AM

For maximum capability while running multiple systems at the same time, the NSS or has the edge with greater processor speed and memory.

And for future expandability into CHIRP the HDS is not currently being considered .

You will have many advantages now and in the furutre with the NSS and especially NSE.

krbernier 10-10-2011 08:39 AM

im leaning towards the two hds 7 setup over the simrad because of costs. The boat did a good job of depleting the bank account.

i would like to go with 2 hds 8 but again cost is a big factor. I am hoping the two hds 7 screens will give me enough display area. Now that i have everything tallied up i might wait on the simrad compass for now. total minus compass 3200.00

Edd 10-10-2011 10:34 AM

You will have nice screen real estate with the 7's but consider one HDS-8 for the soft key advantages.

capecuddy 10-13-2011 03:37 PM

I'd say either HDS-8 (so you get the switch row at the bottom and substantially larger display than HDS-7) or the NSS-7 with touch.

sandyda 10-13-2011 03:46 PM

Garmin. There are many reasons they are the absolute top seller, and if you haven't heard them, just do a search.

krbernier 10-13-2011 05:45 PM

Went with the dual hds-7 setup. Structure scan and 3g radar in the spring.

Edd 10-14-2011 06:41 AM

Originally Posted by krbernier (Post 4088035)
Went with the dual hds-7 setup. Structure scan and 3g radar in the spring.


krbernier 10-14-2011 01:41 PM

Got the screens mounted today! Damn it looks nice! I am really pissed at the weather. I need to splash this boat. Should be quite the improvement over the montauk.

Edd 10-14-2011 01:55 PM

Originally Posted by krbernier (Post 4089415)
Got the screens mounted today! Damn it looks nice! I am really pissed at the weather. I need to splash this boat. Should be quite the improvement over the montauk.

Here's a little trick I use on the first few trips with new electronics. Take ALL the fishing gear out of the boat! You can learn lots about your new electronics in the absence of rods to watch.

Don't forget to post up some finished or progress pics.


krbernier 10-14-2011 02:06 PM

Thats the plan from now until winter. Just going to drive around and get used to the new boat. Its quite a bit bigger than our montauk so we are going to get familliar with the boat. Fishing will begin spring of 2012.

krbernier 10-14-2011 03:07 PM


fishsmell 10-14-2011 06:51 PM

New boat electronics
I can comment on mine, not the Lowrance talked about here. I have the Garmin 4208 hooked up with the Furuno 620 and the Garmin 200VHF. Damn what a combination. Nothing technical as others have posted, but feel I have the best of the chartplotter + fishfinder. I can tell you the fishfinder is just awesome....paired with an Airmar 12 degree tilted element transducer I can see a gnat's ass at 200 feet. Looking forward to some serious bottom fishing in the November / December time frame off Morehead.

krbernier 10-14-2011 08:08 PM

I looked at the 4208, but to get everything i wanted it was just to much money. I have to say that so far i am very happy. My last boat has a garmin 431s so i am expecting alot of improvement on the sonar.

arimaguy 10-14-2011 08:21 PM

Very nice looking ride. I'm sure you will enjoy it!

The dual 7's sould serve you well. I started out with a 7 and a 5x. Didn't have any complaints and I know for a fact the HDS sonar put fish in the boat. I added an HDS-8 when Lowrance had the rebate deal last year. The larger screen and soft keys are nice, but the dual 7s you have make a nice setup.

Lowrance has run rebates the last two winters so keep an eye out for that to save a bunch on the radar.


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