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What if they win their suit

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Default What if they win their suit

and we have to modify our GPS' at our expense? What if the GPS units in the public domain and those used by the defense problem are really the issue? No one can ever say in advance how a lawsuit will turn out.

LightSquared Threatens Legal Action If System Denied

LightSquared says it will take legal action if the FCC rejects its plan to build a nationwide wireless broadband system in the U.S. that the GPS industry and Department of Defense says will interfere with GPS signals. In its most aggressive move so far, LightSquared wrote a letter (PDF) to FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski reiterating the company's position that the faulty design and performance of the majority of GPS receivers is responsible for the interference detected in a series of tests earlier this year. LightSquared then called a news conference to throw down the legal gauntlet. "If it is impossible to get a decision on this that allows us to go forward, I think our way forward is pretty clear, that we then have to insist on our legal rights," LightSquared VP of Government and Regulatory Affairs Jeff Carlisle is quoted by ExecutiveGov as telling reporters. "If you have to be the bad guy, and go out and start … insisting on your property line, well, then that's what we'll do." The FCC has ordered more testing and the results are due Nov. 30.

As we reported in June, Genachowski assured Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, the FCC "will not permit LightSquared to provide commercial service until it is clear potential GPS interference concerns have been resolved." In its most recent letter to Genachowski, LightSquared makes it clear it expects the GPS industry to modify its equipment to ensure it doesn't allow signals from outside the frequency ranges assigned to GPS to interfere with their operation. There are about 500 million GPS-reliant devices in use in the U.S. LightSquared has admitted that a small percentage of them, mostly high-performance measuring and timing devices, are legitimately interfered with by its signals and says it hired an engineer to design a cheap and simple fix for those units.
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Stop it.
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Originally Posted by jethro1 View Post
No one can ever say in advance how a lawsuit will turn out.
Big money wins??? I'm listening to you on this, but even with my multi-million dollar fortune and trailer boat, this is way out of my league.

When politics enter the picture, all bets are off. Is the unimaginable imaginable?
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It's tough, but it seems that LightSquared to have some valid points here. They purchased the frequency with the intent to use it, that's why frequencies are sold. It seems that GPS receivers are designed to be so sensitive due to the weak GPS signal, and intolerant of interference, that LightSquared can't use its frequency at a high power it could otherwise legally do so.

It seems like this is somewhat a limitation of GPS, and of how the relationship developed... kind of like if you put a big solar panel in your backyard and now your neighbor who bought the lot next door can't built anything on his lot that he paid money for because it'd block your solar panel... you should have thought of that yourself?

If it's the LightSquared technology bleeding all over the GPS frequencies like the opponents have made it seem, then definitely it's bullshit... but if it's an ultra-sensitive GPS receiver being oversatured by a frequency close in the spectrum, then we also have to consider that we're using something that was perhaps not designed with the thought in mind that a nearby frequency would be sold and put into use.

At the same time, I'd think some due diligence by LightSquared should have revealed this problem far before this point.
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Originally Posted by TheLucille View Post
It's tough, but it seems that LightSquared to have some valid points here. They purchased the frequency with the intent to use it, that's why frequencies are sold. .
That's not exactly right. They purchased satellite frequencies and have now sought FCC permision to use them with land based equipment that transmits with 40x the power (300w vs. 13,500w).

There is big money on both sides (and now politics)- mostly because it will obsolete every single GPS receiver ever sold, including about $200 billion in military hardware from guided missles to every aircraft and fleet carriers. Hence the reason why a 4-star general testified against the deal at a congressional hearing.
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Wish you had loran back yet??
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L2 has no leg to stand on, and is pulling out all the stops in a desparate bid to keep something afloat long enough for the principals to unload some of their investment in a moonshot gamble. But it is a crap shoot; considering the unimaginable amounts of money in limbo, the mistaken hopes of the administration, and the simple fact that litigation makes for even stranger bedfellows, means anyone with a GPS should be scared.

As far as the suggestion that L2 has some legitimate claims; you can be sure that moderately educated person who takes the time to sift through all the cow pies will see that there is no fire under that smoke.
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L2 purchased the block of licenses with approval for purpose "A", and then tried to claim foul when they were not allowed to magically convert this block of licenses to purpose "B" which is nowhere even close to the original purpose.

Not to mention, the DOD and national defense will normally trump any commercial interest, but with the current crop of folks at the helm of the "guberment" who knows.....

As a side note, I wonder if this proposed use had anything to do with the weird GPS issues from the Navy testing off the Brunswick coast last March & April? If so, I seem to recall it affected GPS units as far as 250 miles out.
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The FCC think they are beyond reproach and need their collective arses kicked, nothing more than an arogance coming from the FCC. Like who do the FCC think they are by snubbing their noses at the House Armed Services committee with regard questionming about giving preferential treatment and waivers to some certain companies.

L2 have no valid points and realize they are loosing it but then there is always the payout?

As for General Shelton's testimony, well he put forward the straight facts and from all reports the whitehouse then tried to overrule the Pentagon and get Shelton to "alter" his testimony re opposition to lightsquared.
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And Obama comes out today and reiterates that he's still supportive of the 1/2 billion dollar loan they made to L2. WTF?

I know he sold his shares in this company for a loss a few years back, but something stinks here...
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The White House is going to four corners defense:

Oct. 7 (Bloomberg) --The Obama administration failed to produce records of contacts with billionaire Philip Falcone and his LightSquared wireless venture by today as requested by House Republicans, the chairman of the House Science Committee said. Seven House Republicans on the committee asked the administration in a Sept. 20 letter for records of contacts between the White House and Falcone, citing concerns about possible political pressure on U.S. agencies over LightSquared. Ralph Hall, a Texas Republican who chairs the science committee, said the White House responded to the letter but “has not yet provided documents related to our inquiry.” “We will continue to press for more transparency in how the Administration is treating the LightSquared proposal,” Hall said in an e-mailed statement. LightSquared, backed by $3 billion from Falcone’s Harbinger Capital Partners hedge fund, wants to offer wholesale service through a network of base stations using airwaves previously reserved mainly for satellites. Makers and users of global-positioning system devices say LightSquared’s signals will disrupt navigation by planes, boats, tractors and automobiles. To proceed with its plan to offer service to 260 million people, the Reston, Virginia-based company needs clearance from the Federal Communications Commission. Some U.S. officials have been reluctant to testify on GPS interference and agencies haven’t provided information, the House Republicans wrote in their letter last month. Solyndra Cited Events surrounding solar-panel maker Solyndra LLC, which filed for bankruptcy protection after receiving U.S. loan guarantees, “further emphasize our concern about a pattern by this administration to grant preferential treatment toward donors,” Hall and his colleagues wrote. Falcone, his wife Lisa Falcone, and LightSquared Chief Executive Officer Sanjiv Ahuja have each made a $30,400 political contribution to Democratic campaign organizations, the lawmakers said. Chris Stern, a LightSquared spokesman, said the matter is between the White House and Congress and that the company would not get involved. The White House press office did not immediately respond to e-mails seeking comment. Senator Charles Grassley, the senior Republican on the Judiciary Committee, asked Falcone and LightSquared on Oct. 5 for records of contacts with the White House and U.S. regulators.
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I have been watching this one for a while and think it has the potential to blow up bigger than the Solyndra scandal. I hope the Obama administration, the FCC, and Lightsquared all get smacked down hard over this. Lets have the networks televise General Shelton under oath telling us how the white house pressured him to alter his testimony.
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I don't think they have any hope of overthrowing National Defence on this one.

Where would it make sense to kill an industry, GPS, employing 1000's of people only to start a new industry with questionable results??? Everyone would opt for the devil you know...;? Specially after that solar fiasco.
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Originally Posted by offshore3144 View Post
Wish you had loran back yet??
No. not yet.
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Originally Posted by Miss Trial View Post
No. not yet.
Me either
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Stop it!!
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The FCC will not get involved unless Howard Stern is somehow involved with light squared.
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