HDS-10 just quit on me

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Default HDS-10 just quit on me

Worked fine for three days last week. Went to turn it on yesterday and nothing. Checked all connections and power and no issues there. Hooked up my LCX-27 to the HDS power cord and it turned right on. Tried a soft and hard reset without result.

Called NAVICO today and they answered on the second ring, no holding! She said to send it in and advised a 10-15 day turnaround. Since its still under warranty she said that they will attempt repair but will most likely send a new one back. Anyone with experience on this "10-15 day turnaround"? I have several trips lined up just outside this 15 day window and would hate to be without....

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That sucks. Hope they take care of things quickly. Are you still under warranty? I am getting to the end of my two year warranty.
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Any electronics can do just that. So that is the specific reason I have 2 of the same; plus the trouble shooting ability is excellent. And I'll tell ya', of all the little issues I've come across, all but one have been user error. The only one that wasn't was the existing HDS-8 sonar wouldn't work when I 1st bought my new-to-me boat. Knowing what I do today, I couldn't say for sure that one issue wasn't user error as well. They replaced that unit but it did take a little over a month for the return.
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Sounds like pretty quick response for an expensive item. Look at it like this....better discovered under warranty than not, I guess!
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If it's not working, you are already without a unit. Send it in and let them repair it under warranty or send you a new one.
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