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Default Dual Battery Box

Turns out dual end to end battery boxes are very hard to find. I finally found one from these guys for $60. Not sure I want it that bad, but thought I'd pass it on.
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I've been looking for options for a single battery box that can hold a pair of Group 31 batteries. I want to do this both to cut down on the space used inside of the center console (putting the batteries together minimizes wasted space) and putting them inside of a box would also cleans things up, protect the battery terminals from accidental contact and also allow me to stow gear on top of the batteries.

Possibilities seem pretty limited, there are a few dual battery boxes for 6 volt sized batteries and also for 8D size but this old thread was the only hit that I've found for dual boxes for Group 31's.

Other than fabricating my own out of starboard or fiberglass, are there other options that I've not found? Is there any reason why I would not want to do this that I'm not thinking of?

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If your running Optima's? I have 2- for sale on Ebay in excellent shape.
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Thanks Warthog, but I've got Deka 31's
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bumping an old thread... that battery box in the first post looks like a great solution to run dual batteries end to end (Group 24 and Group 27) for me... unfortunately I just got a price through their distributor and it is $105, with a 3 week lead time.

any other solutions out there for this sort of thing? I'd prefer a box to contain my batteries in the center console since we'll be tossing towels, bags, etc in there as well, but maybe its possible to just use a battery tray, put boots on the terminals, and maybe use a sheet of starboard laid over the top of the batteries and secured in place.

Not sure but if anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them.

I can also just get 2 individual battery boxes but the tighter this is packaged the better.
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I've generally found that normally a box that holds twice the batteries is just twice as big as two small ones. and doesn't actually save any space

IE a quad l16 box or golf cart box is just as big as 2 L16 boxes side by side. there is just extra gaps around the batteries (not a good thing)
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