Installing I/B Autopilot

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Default Installing I/B Autopilot

Has anyone installed an autopilot for an I/B. If so what kind was it and did you experience any complications. I was thinking about installing a Raytheon on a vessel with Teleflex steering and just trying to get an idea if it will be a major headache or not.


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Default Installing I/B Autopilot

I'll be curious to see the replies. I'm about to purchase an autopilot...AP-11 at the AC boat show in Feb. I'll try to install it myself and interface with my gps/radar, wonder what I'm in for??
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Default Installing I/B Autopilot

i have a sitex SP 80 installed on my straight inboard with hydraulic steering. My boat is equipped with a teleflex system and it was a pretty easy install. You will have to install a rudder feedback unit which is pretty simple. The system has worked great for 2 seasons, I can come back from 60 miles offshore on a nice day and not touch the wheel. Go for it!!! Once you have an autopilot you will never own another boat without one. E-mail me if you have any other questions!!

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Default Installing I/B Autopilot

With hydraulic steering, it doesn't make a whole lot of difference whether the installation is an inboard or outboard since the autopilot operates essentially like a second steering station pump. There are Teleflex kits available with the fttings to tie into the hydraulic lines at the helm pump. If you are comfortable working with the hydraulic system and know how to fill and bleed it, you should not have a problem with the installation.

As noted, you will need to find a spot to install a rudder position sensor, but all the companies make a version intended for inboards. Depending on how well balanced your rudders are, you need to be careful to get an appropriately-sized helm pump. That's the only way you can go wrong -- too small a pump will burn out and not respond well.

I have had excellent service from Simrad unts. Their customer service is also very good, which is not necessarily true of Raytheon. You might want to look at a Simrad AP-11 instead of the Raytheon.
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Default Installing I/B Autopilot

I installed the Simrad AP14R and have had no problems.
I really dont know why I waited so long, trips to the outer banks off San Diego can be a 6 hour run and let me tell ya that auto pilot sure saves me a lot of time to rig up and the savings on fuel really add's up.

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