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Default connecting electronics

Recently purchased a furuno 600l fish finder ,icom 502 vhf radio,garmin 182c gps.What cables do i need to purchase to connect gps to radio and to fishfinder Thanks Doug
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Default connecting electronics

You will need to buy a cable for your 600L, make one for your ICOM, and use the one supplied with the Garmin. You can buy the Furuno cable from Consumer Marine Electronics for exactly the same price (~$35) that everyone else charges. Radio shack will sell you the RCA plug you will need for the ICOM for about a buck, and of course you'll need wire for it too (hint, hint, speaker wire). Remember when you do the wireing to do a 2-way between the Furuno and the Garmin. We usually just think about the Garmin providing data for the two great navigation screens on the Furuno, but keep in mind that the 600L also outputs depth, speed, and temperature data as well. The garmin will capture depth as part of a saved waypoint if you have the two hooked up both ways.

Once you've got the stuff give a yell and I'll give you the wire colors to connect to get it all to work for you.


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Default connecting electronics

and you might want to add a computer serial cable so you can record all those waypoints and work with them in your house. I just did that today when I replaced my 180 with a 182...I attached a serial cable into the cabin so I can put software updates on, etc. Easy to do...and sort of important if you are permanently mounting to the dash.
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Default connecting electronics

Guys ,thanks for the advice.Thom your always a great help.The boat dealer will install the cable,just makeing sure they have all cables .Thanks again
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Default connecting electronics

I'm going to take a shot at installing my own stuff, instead of spending the $$ on the dealer or my electronics guy doing it. Not much good with electronics, but I thought I'd try it this time around.
So Thom, I'll probably need your assistance, if you don't mind walking me through things.... once I get past the red and black wires, I'm lost.

Picking the boat up this weekend. Adding a 600L and Spectrum VHF for now. The boat has 1650DF and Icom 45 already, and stereo. I'm just going to use the transducer from the 1650 on the 600L, and use the 1650 as plotter only. I won't be fishing any deep water with this boat, so the 600L is more than enough. Then hook the 1650 to both the Spectrum and the 600L for nav info. and the DSC capability. (Will the 1650 mark a waypoint with depth? It's a Y2000 model.) I'll be adding a cheap sounder as backup, once I can decide on one. Maybe the older Furuno 6000. And likely will add the Furuno RD30 in the next couple months. And maybe a 182C as a backup plotter. It's sitting in the garage, but I don't think I have room to flush-mount it, and not too keen on accepting it as a 'boat-warming' gift from my buddy either.

Any advice on the cables I need, and how to hook up what to what, would be appreciated.

One other question... I called Furuno to ask if the Navionics XL cartridge would work with my Y2000 1650DF. The unit has a 1998 Navionics cartridge in it now. I got a very 'fuzzy' answer from Furuno, so no confidence in what I was told. Do you know if it will or won't work? Will I need to sell the 1650 and get a newer model, send it in for software update, or will it work just fine as is with the newer XL cartridges (and show all the detail of the newer cartridges)? And do the newer XL cartridges compare pretty well with the Garmin Bluecharts? From what I have seen, they both look pretty detailed and clear.


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