Garmin 182C loading waypoints

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Default Garmin 182C loading waypoints

I have read severval of the other 182 comments but don't completely understand if you can or not. I have the Blue Chart V #5 which I use to log my Waypoints. Will I be able to upload those waypoints into the 182 unit? If so what additional equipment do I need to buy?

It seems I might be able to create my own chips but again this is not clear. I fish 4 differant areas and would like to make up chips for them all or a very large chip for all 4.

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Default Garmin 182C loading waypoints

This may help you
there is a chip wrighter that retails for 70.00
But them you need blank chip's ... and those run according to size (price)

BlueChart data is offered in two formats--preprogrammed data cards or MapSource CDs. While MapSource BlueChart CDs contain detailed maps that can be downloaded to blank data cartridges or directly to some units, pre-programmed data cards come conveniently ready to plug into select Garmin chartplotters. See the MapSource Compatibility table above to determine which format works best with your unit.

also you have to pay for unlock codes
so it's expensive .... hope this help's ...John

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Default Garmin 182C loading waypoints

I'm not familiar with the software you're using, but I use EasyGPS with my 182c. I routinly save my waypoints to the pc. You can upload and download the data using the pc interface cable.

The lastest update allows you to save your waypoints to a blank data card.
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Default Garmin 182C loading waypoints

I like to do my waypoints on my laptop with the Mapsource software I purchased with my 182C. I pull the memory card out of the 182C and place it in the Garmin card reader/writer that plugs into my USB port on my laptop. I select the option to transfer to the card and it does exactly that in a very rapid fashion. I go back to the boat and put the card back into the unit and use the menu to select update from card and voila...very cool.
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