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Default Marine Stereos

I have a 23 foot contender and am looking to install a marine stereo this winter. I just wanted to see if someone could recommend a am/fm/cd and speakers brand they have had good service with. Also I am looking at satellite radio as a alternative. The cost of satellite radio seems reasonable and I have heard the sound quality is great. Thanks in advance for your help.
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Default Marine Stereos

Bose 131 speakers
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Default Marine Stereos

I justinstalled a Sony XM cd/receiver with a sony marine remote and a pair of Polyplanar ma6800 speakers. I might install and amp, but since I can hear it pretty clearly over a pair of 250s I may wait. I will be adding a sony xm tuner with the Terk marine antenna ($50). The cd/receiver is in a dry protected spot (next to the head) and is controlled by the marine remote control. Only thing I am unhappy with is the FM antenna reception - it sucks !.
Good luck
I used and for purchases.
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Default Marine Stereos

I just installed a PolyPlanar MD60 with MA6900 and MA6800. They sound awsome. I considered Sat as well but couldn't find a receiver (Sirius ready)that worked like I wanted. The PolyPlanar can accept input from external sources, so I may get the Jensen Sat receiver and direct connect it to my PolyPlanar (I just don't like the idea of receiving digital sound and the converting it to FM). I liked the PolyPlanar because it seems like it would hold up better in a marine environment and because I felt like it sounds better.
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Default Marine Stereos

I am in the same situation as you, lcd. I will not be installing satellite radio on my boat until somebody offers a Sirius- or XM-ready receiver that is designed to withstand the marine environment. Modulation of the digital satellite signal to FM is too much of a compromise for me.

When you find a suitable satellite-ready receiver, PLEASE announce it here and I will do the same.
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Default Marine Stereos

Try the link below. It is a Jensen MSR 4500 and is Sirius ready. It is to be available spring of this year. You will still need a Jensen DLP 2000 down link processor. I have Sirius on my boat and it’s great. Mine is feed into the aux. audio port


Best Regards,
Brian Bunk
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Default Marine Stereos

I have a Jensen MDC 9645W AM/FM/CD/tape, with four Ployplaner speakers. I have two mounted adjacent to the CC, flush mounted under the gunwale, and two surface mounted under the gunwale near the rear seat by motors. I saw no need for an AMP (can easily add later, if needed). Having the speakers mounted lower, 'fills' the boat with sound. The sound is a awesome at WOT;on both motors and radio. I have remote control (IR) which I thought I'd use, but in practice, I seldom use. I think it important to have the radio where you can get it Vs in the CC. I would also avoid the speakers in the T-top...the sounds would be in your 'face', and I believe distracting! I do think that four, let alone six, speakers is best to distribute the sound throughout the boat. While the Polyplaners are great....I would seriously consider Bose; cost a little more. Enjoy!

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Default Marine Stereos

Brian Bunk what am/fm/cd, and sirrus do you use presently? It sounds like you have the workaround to the fm modulation.
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Default Marine Stereos

I was trying to remember how many I've installed in the last ten years in our boat. Maybe its been 6, but I'm not sure. Some of the ones I've gone through have been 'marine' versions and some have not. The difference seems to be that the marine versions last about a day and a half longer than the automotive ones.

So, not being a person that feels he has to be surrounded by concert quality music ever living second of his life I came to the conclusion that whatever E-Bay had to offer that didn't cost over about $25 would be just plain good enough for me. This approach has worked well for me, saving lots and lots of grief. Now days when I pull out the corroded hulk of a music system and toss it in the trash I chuckle just a little bit at how quickly the thing went south, I doubt that I would find it quite so humorous if I had laid out a couple of hundred bucks for one. Think about it.

Oh, speakers, even the dirt cheap ones that I use, have really improved in the last decade. Now days they actually last and last and last.


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Default Marine Stereos

I have a Jensen 8625 receiver. It has auxiliary audio input, were you might put in a CD player.

I bought a Jensen SRR 2000, this is the satellite radio receiver. It has three major components, the control head this is used to change the Sirius radio channels, the data link processor this actually receives and process the satellite signal and sends it to the line out and into the auxiliary port of my AM/FM Cassette. This eliminates the need for the FM modulator.

Third is the antenna which is the automotive type. I placed on a metal plate and under the fiberglass console. A marine antenna was not available for the Sirius system when I installed it. It works great.

If you get the MSR 4500 which is Sirius ready you still need the data link processor and the antenna which is now available from Shakespare SRA-10. But the radio is the control head.

Brian Bunk
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Default Marine Stereos

I wouldn't waste my money on a "Marine Stereo". I'd recommend the XM ready Pioneer with CD/MP3 capability in an enclosure. You can store hundreds of MP3's on a CD (I let you decide where to get the MP3's in case you don't want to cheat Bobby Brown or Witney). You can't beat the Pioneer Supertuner for range and you can record one "boat CD" that you won't be able to get through on a day fishing. I put mine on "random play" and listen to whatever comes. The pioneer WILL skip a little in 3' tight seas but the XM won't. If you buy the sony XM radio seperate from Best Buy or Circuit City I think one of them will let you return it within 30 days if you don't like it. On my Donzi I bolted 2 marine "Box" speakers" directly to the sides of my upper electronics box. This required dissassembling the speaker and drilling holes through the enclosure. I tried to use the supplied brackets but the weight of the magnets and speakers eventually broke them. I mounted two more Poly Planer flush mounts down low on the sides of the console toward the bow. It bounces the music off the sides of the boat and sounds great. The two speakers pointing aft on the upper elect. box cover the cockpit nicely. I can't remember the maker of the enclosure for the stereo, but it has a hinged cover on the front with a gasketed seal. Hope this helps.

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Default Marine Stereos

I had not checked the Clarion site for a while but it looks like they are now offering a Sirius-ready marine controller:

Personally, I think the Clarion marine units are excellent, durable products and I would not even consider installing an automotive unit on my boat. High end boat builders like Pursuit must agree because the Clarions are the only audio systems they factory install.
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Default Marine Stereos

Here ya go for the new Shakespeare Sirius antenna:
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Default Marine Stereos

Thom has the right idea

Don't "waste" your money of the marine grade headunit. Goto BestBuy or Ebay and get one from there that way you won't be bummed when you need to replace it in a few years. Don't skimp out of the marine speakers, they are a must. I went with 3 pair of the Bose 131's.

Here's my setup that I need to install in my 31 Bertram before the season starts.

3 pair bose 131's
8" 150W powered Bazooka Tube Sub
60Wx2 Orion Amp for pair of 131's up on the bridge
150Wx2 Sony Xplode amp for 2 pair of 131's in cockpit
Haven't decided on the headunit yet...will get something that reads MP3's off of a CD so I can put 200+ songs on one disk.

What are the advantages to the Sirus services?

"SeaNile" 31 Bertram
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Default Marine Stereos

I had the guys at the shop build a fiberglass electronis box and flush mount my CD player, VHF and XM receiver.

Once you get sat radio you'll wonder howe long you lived without it.

Cost on marine stuff is pretty cheap but the markups are huge. Shoot me an email and I'll get you in touch with the shop. Cost plus ten for all fishermen. I'll show you my SeaCraft and the work they did if you want a reference.

Tom Bare.
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