Fuel gauge, tach and speedo not working

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Default Fuel gauge, tach and speedo not working

I have a 99 Suzuki 225 on a 99 210cc sea pro. A few weeks ago I installed a Furuno 600l. My problem is that Now my factory fuel gage, tach and speedometer will not work. Originally we used the wire from the previous ff(raymarine) but i have since wired the Furuno straight to the battery. All of my other electronics work(gps, radios and etc). However I am not sure if this could be a problem or not I have the INsta trim boat leveler trim tab system and I have had to disconnect the pump ( i put electrical tape around the connection) and order a new pump due to the corrsion inside the pump(i was going to send it back to the factory but after I looked inside i figured too much damage so I just ordered a new hyd pump. I have had the boat out 2 times since I removed the trim tab pump and the gauges have not worked but I can not figure out how this would affect the gauges. I have the old pump and it is not too much of a problem to hook back up, which i will do this weekend, to see if that would be the cause. ANy other ideas that I need to look something else. I have checked fuses but I will recheck them as well.
Like I stated all other electronics, engine and all work perfect??
Thanks for any help, I am headed to the coast next weekend and really need my fuel gauge to work
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Default Fuel gauge, tach and speedo not working

Let me see if I understand you correctly.

You removed the Raymarine FF to install a Furuno FF. The Ray was originally wired to a fuse panel or bus bar. Upon initial installation of the Furuno, you connected the original power wires from the Ray to the Furuno (assuming you cut and spliced the wires or something to that effect).

You later rerouted the Furuno to draw power directly from the battery.

My first guess is that in the rewiring process you either knocked a wire(s) running to the guages in question loose. Probably a ground wire on the negative bus/fuse panel or actually at the battery. Being that every boat is wired differently, it's a tough call. Get in there and start tracing wires.

Try reconnecting the trim pump and see if your gauges work then. Maybe they are somehow combined on the same circuit??

With all that in mind, I'd have to (as well as most others on the board) recommend against wiring the FF directly to the battery. Hook it up to a fuse panel and trash the inline fuse. That's a much more reliable method. Man, if Thom were still around, he would have a heart attack!

Good luck and let us know what you come up with.

You may also look into istalling a Navman fuel flow meter on your rig. I put one on mine and have found I never look at the fuel guage any more. The Navman is deadly accurate and makes the analog fuel gauge worthless (well, it fills the 2 1/8" hole in my dash nicely )

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