Marine SSB

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Default Marine SSB

Does the SSB replace what a VHF does or is it on it's own frequency? My understanding of SSB it's like a CB sort of but has better ranges? Why do a lot of larger boats have both VHF and SSB.... Purpose? If SSB can not attain the frequencies that VHF runs on how would this be an advantage to have both?


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Default Marine SSB


I'm no expert, but SSB can be used WAAAAAY offshore whereas VHF has more of an antenea line of sight.
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Default Marine SSB

Steve, SSB operates in a lower frquency spectrum than VHF. Has more power, much more range. requires a much larger ant, that requires an ant tuner. If you plan on traveling far from population and have a room for a 20ft ant I'd consider having one onboard. But here on the left coast where our areas around our coast line has an elevation of greater than 10ft, Cell towers are normally placed on the highest area because of this a boat equiped with a celluar amp and external ant can have cell coverage up 50 miles or more off shore. Of course if your fishing with charter fleet out of San Diego go with the SSB or a sat phone. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_smile.gif[/img]
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Default Marine SSB

Just to add to finadict...the Coast Guard or other boats in the area cannot, of course, monitor your satphone or cell phone conversations in case of emergencies. If your always waaaaaay offshore (out of VHF range), SSB is a great thing! [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_cool.gif[/img]
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Default Marine SSB

If you put a SSB on your boat, you will need a Ship/Station license from the FCC.

A SSB is a more complex installation and requires (generally) a larger antenna (I have seen few under 16 ft), in addition to a grounding plate/strap. The reason here is that the antenna is only covering half the wavelength, with the water being the other half.

On a small boat you will have difficulty staying far enough away from the antenna to avoid RF hazards. On big ships the danger radius is usually 10 ft around the antenna to prevent RF burns and other possible side effects. These radios generally max out at 150 watts.

Additionally, to use a SSB, you are required to already have a VHF installed.

CG stations in many areas monitor 2182 Khz (the SSB equivalent to 16) so this could be used.

The range is much greater than VHF, but the clarity is more affected by atmospherics. You can draw the rough comparison btwn AM (SSB) and FM (approx VHF freq) to appreciate the quality difference.
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