integrated gps/fishfinder

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Default integrated gps/fishfinder

getting new electronics for new cc 21 footer. been doing some research on electronics and have come to no concise consensus. i want a gps and f finder, but will primarily be using the f finder . most of the water i will be covering will be less than 200 feet deep. just wondering what experiences anyone has had with the newer integrated models. of course money is a concern, but i dont want to sacrifice much as far as the fish finder goes, the accuracy of the gps is of lesser importance to me. thanks in advance for any input or suggestions.
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Default RE: integrated gps/fishfinder

The problem with integrated units is not the electronics...they are mostly all quality units useability. When I get to a point, I want to keep track of where that point is while I watch the FF to find the drop, rocks, whatever. You can't do that in an all in one unit unless you have a real big screen.
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Default RE: integrated gps/fishfinder

Welcome aboard.

I was in the same boat that you are when I was shopping for my past two machines.

I was more concerned with the FF performance rather than the gps.

My last two machines have been, the JRC 500F, and now the Simrad CE33.

Both exellent bottom machines, and good GPS's with the edge going to the FF for both units.

One thing I will caution you with however. Neither one of these machines are able to display bearing and distance to a waypoint while showing the bottom info at the same time.

Pretty much all the combo units these days are capable of splitting the chart and FF, but not too many can split other screens with the bottom info.

So if you are doing a lot of wreck fishing and bottom searching this may be something to consider. For this reason, I have ended up with seperate non maping GPS's to accomplish this task. It works very well since not all of my fishing is bottom fishin. I only have to run two machines while I am looking for bottom otherwise all my time is spent with only one unit on.

If you give us some idea of what your budget is that will be a little more helpful. But if you are looking for a quality color FF/Chartplotter, plan on shelling out between 1200-1800 $$$$ depending on the unit you end up with.

But some of the more popular machines to get started with would be.

Furuno 1650/1800, now called the 7000
JRC 500F
Simrad CE 33
Raymarine C 80 (gets expensive in a hurry)

I would recomend staying away from the Garmin since you mentioned you want better FF performance than GPS.

Good luck on your decision and welcome aboard.
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Default RE: integrated gps/fishfinder

hehe thanks, id like to keep it under 1500 if at all possible, but i realise that this item i will have for a long time, so id like something that has quality. im also wondering if there will be any concerns with through hull construction versus mounting the transducer near the transom. thanks again these are just the type of things i am looking for. i take it u dont like the lowrance models?
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Default RE: integrated gps/fishfinder

I love Lowrance and have been using them for 8 years without any problems.

Look at the 19ci combo unit. It will be replaced with a newer version in 2005 so you should be able to get a great deal on this years model. It is exceptional as a fishfinder.
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Default RE: integrated gps/fishfinder

I second the Lowrance choice. I have the LMS-335CDF combo fishfinder/gps
and it works great.And it will display bearing and distance to your waypoint on the same screen as your sonar, even gives distance down to how many feet you are from your waypoint. all for $699.99
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Default RE: integrated gps/fishfinder

The 1650/1850 from Furuno still exist.
The GP7000/F is a whole new product. Screen size is a little larger then the 1850 and I believe that model is being phased out.
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Default RE: integrated gps/fishfinder


You are right, the 1650/1850 are no longer being produced.

But I'm sure there are going to be some deals on them if you look around.
They are certainly not that outdated yet. And the last years screen is very nice, but
of course I have not seen the new 7000 to compare.
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