Radar Recommedation

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Default Radar Recommedation

Ahoy all, this is my first post.

Santa told me to install a radar on my 26' Century CC. I thought I would ask for recommendations on which unit to buy from boaters who use them, not from salesmen who sell 'em.

What units does a good job in coastal waters without going overboard in price/features?

Capt Mike

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Default Radar Recommedation

I installed the Furuno 1712 on my boat last year. I am very happy with this unit. This unit is comparible to the Raymarine SL72 in features and price.
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Default Radar Recommedation

On my second season with the JRC 1800. It's a combo radar/chartplotter with color display. I've got it on my 31 Bertram and it works awesome. Offhand, think it's a 2kw and 24mile range. Chartplotter takes C-map charts. Purchased at boat show for $1800 with GPS antenna.

Hope this helps.

31 Bertram
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Default Radar Recommedation

I guess my first question is, what do you want to use it for?

I have a Raymarine SL72. 2kW Radome. I bought is as an anticollision device. It works well at short ranges, anything up to 1.5 miles it is pretty reliable and can see most any boat. Over that distance it loses targets, and if rough, does not even show them.

I have marked a tug pulling a barge at 7 miles, and failed to mark a 30' boat moving away from me 1-2 miles away in 3'ers. I can mark towers on land at 9-10 miles.

If you want short range anti collision, the SL72 works well.

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Default Radar Recommedation

Your basic choice is Furuno and Raymarine. I see alot of good comments about JRC. You seem to like Furuno? I have Raytheon. If you we're buying all new stuff, I kinda liked the way the Furuno stuff hooks together. Great place to buy and get honest advise...give'em a call. [img]/infopop/emoticons/icon_wink.gif[/img]

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Default Radar Recommedation

I have had both Furuno and Raymarine. Can't go wrong with either, but if you can afford it, go for 4kw dome.
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Default Radar Recommedation

If you decide on a Raymarine product, please look in the trading dock. I'm selling a Raymarine SL70C Plus Pathfinder Color 7" LCD Radar Display for $1300. It's new in the box ... never opened and my price beats any price you'll find online or elsewhere by more than $400.

This is not a complete system ... you'd still need to purchase an antenna.

You can get a JRC 1000 (turn-key) small boat radar system for less than $800 or you can spend more than $5000 on a 48nm radar system.

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