Garmin- Please make this waterproof!!!

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Default Garmin- Please make this waterproof!!!

Thought I'd share a recent experience with fellow THT members.

For X-mas my wife bought me a new Garmin Ique 3600 ( )
to replace my old and dated GPSIII.

All I can say is this GPS/PDA is simply incredible! The color screen is large and crisp (check out the pixels) and it does so much more than a regular hand held GPS.

Now for the bad news. It is not waterproof!! What a bummer! This unit would be great to have on the boat as a hand-held unit!

I hope GARMIN steps up to the plate to make this waterproof - I think they would sell many to boaters.

Check it out when you have a chance- for car or boat, it's a great product.

I returned the unit and I may hold off until the GPS 60c comes out or maybe I'll look for a way to get a waterproof case for the IQUE 3600.

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Default Garmin- Please make this waterproof!!!

I also looked hard at this product as a GPS for auto and boat, only to be disappointed by the lack of waterproofing. My center console (Blue Wave 22) is usually very dry and I have considered trying to use it there anyhow and put it up if things look like they are going to get wet.
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Default Garmin- Please make this waterproof!!!

I personally wouldn't place a lot of stock in Garmins waterproof models anyway based on my own experience with their product.

There little hand held etreks are only water resistant, but reasonably cheap so no big deal i guess...

On the other hand - I wanted reliability so I bought the expensive 'summit' Etrek model for mountain climbers with barometer and altimeter etc...BECAUSE it was waterproof!!!.

It wasn't cheap, like over $700 smackers for something the size of 2 matchboxes with the bracket and download cable.

I managed to keep it dry for two years and a couple months (just out of warranty).

First damn squall I got caught out in bucketed rain and blew wind slop like a bastard....and you guressed it - the GPS went belly up with water intrusion.

Someone else I know, had the cheaper model etrek, and it too did the same thing - water ingestion - but because it was cheap he decided to pull it apart and see what was inside - he claims - that the only "water proofing" is some gaffa tape run around the inside of the joint between the body halves when assembled.

All I know is, I'm without GPS after I spent a small fortune for mine for RELIABILITY reason...

I certainly wouldn't recommend Garmin to anyone else for it's water proofing abilities.

They ARE reasonably easy to follow menu wise - their control buttons are too small for us with Phat fingers bouncing around in a boat to use easily IMHO.

I'm pizzed off the only time I needed my waterproof garmin to actually BE waterproof (for which i payed a premium) it let me down - i don't like gear that lets me down on the water - no place for it in a boat! IMHO
In ya car? maybe
On your Bike? - if you must!
On a boat? - get something else.

Garmin make duds just like everyone else.

Ohh yeah - the little gold metal contacts on the back of mine went all green and corroded too - the power chord thingy was useless..lasted about a week before it crapped out too.


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Default Garmin- Please make this waterproof!!!

Trouty- what a bummer! Just when you needed it most it did not do what it was designed to do.

My GPSIII got quite wet on my boat and stopped working. I took it apart to let it dry out and found only a rubber like gasket to keep water out and a rubber diaphram type device where the buttons are. Neither did a good job at keeping the water out.

I did notice a new water-proof standard listed on Garmins web site and Garmin offers a couple of models which will float if dropped in water.

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Default Garmin- Please make this waterproof!!!

I will add to the "they are not waterproof" stories. I had a cheap etrex. It worked fine for a backup and I took it on my jon boat for tooling around and when we set trotlines in a new lake etc. It got wet in the top of my dry box (also not waterproof I found out). It, along with all my other stuff in the dry box, no longer works. For a unit that is supposed to be waterproof (submerged for 30 minutes) it did not make it.

I still like Garmin gps. I will just work harder to keep them dry.
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