Lowrance 350A

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Default Lowrance 350A

Any comments on how good this unit is? Have it on the Parker I just picked up. How would it compare to a garmin 240 Blue?
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Default Lowrance 350A

The 350A is an excellent unit that is getting pretty old and I don't think is supported by Lowrance anymore. If it is supported, it will cost you big bucks to get it fixed. I had one for 8 years and my only problem was with the LCD screen.

I am not familiar with the 240 Blue.
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Default Lowrance 350A

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Default Lowrance 350A

Its not the best bottom machine but for black and white its pretty good.I just sent mine back to lowrance a year ago and they fixed no problem. Still a great company in my mind.
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Default Lowrance 350A

Had one for a long time. Finally upgraded when a problem arose........ can't remember what the problem was. I only used the navigation system on the 350A, the sonar was a back-up as I had a separate Furuno sounder.

This unit is very user friendly and I would use it (or try it to see how you like it) until it goes, then fix or replace.

The 350A has a 5 channel receiver and is DGPS capable, but I cannot remember if it was WAAS capable. It does not have mapping, but I really enjoyed the unit.
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Default Lowrance 350A

As others have said it is a good unit but out of production. For most of the 1990's the Lowrance 350A was kind of "the machine" that Lake Erie walleye charter captains had on their boats. I'd be interested in taking it off your hands if you don't want it.
Steve Carlson
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Default Lowrance 350A

My Mako came with a 350a and a 2000 Global Map (the plotter). The boat was three seasons old when I bought it. This apparently was state of the art technology8-9 uyears ago.

In the first year I owned it (the 4th year for the electronics), the plotter had a dead key and needed to be replaced. Lowrance sent me a new head but charged me almost $300 for the service and took almost 6 weeks. The second year (the 5th season for the electronics), the 350a screen went bad (evidenced by lines criss crossing the LCD) and Lowrance charged me close to $300 for what looked to be a new unit (I subsequently found that then they had a inventory of rebuilt units that they just sent out instead of repair, but that deal is over) and took almost 6 weeks again to do it. Year 3 the transducer goes, costing me more $$ plus 2 weeks of downtime while I wait for parts. Year 4, this year, the 350a screen is going again. Lowrance says $249 to reapair (minimum) and 6 weeks wait.

I say that I'm glad that others like Lowrance, I have a very low opinion of their quality and service and the way that they treat customers. I'm shopping Furuno or Raymarine and will never own one of their products again, and will share this opinion with anyone who carers to hear it. They gave me no lattitude even when I explained my past with them. The expense of ownership of their proudct is bad, but the down time w/o electronics is worse.
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Default Lowrance 350A

I had one for years with no problems.

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Default Lowrance 350A

I had two for 7 years and never a problem; never. Excellent unit period.
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Default Lowrance 350A

I dont know about Lowrance consumer service, never had to use them but I have a 350A on my boat now for my backup and have never had a problem with sence I bought it new.
I have it interfaced with my auto pilot and it's right on the money.
My 2 cents.

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Default Lowrance 350A

Guess this is neither here nor there, but I've delt with Lowrance service since the '70s and have nothing but praise for them. Six weeks? Never more than six days for me.

Perhaps not being the original purchaser of the electronics places you lower on their priority repail list. Just a guess.
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Default Lowrance 350A

I'm with Nimrod - I've had a 350A for years and when I send it back they fix it right away and have never charged me - and I'm not the original purchaser.
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Default Lowrance 350A

I have one as well. About a year ago, had the same problem as Joe had. A couple of the keys on the keypad went dead. Called Lowrance and they said they don't make them anymore. They'd give me a $200 credit towards a similar new machine or charge $249 to send me another unit like mine. I thought it was a new unit but it may have been refurbished. Haven't had a problem with the replacement unit. I don't recall exactly how long it took to get the unit back but I don't think it took 6 weeks.

I'm not overly impressed with the sonar capabilities of the machine, but it could just be the transducer placement. The unit came with the boat when I bought it. The previous owner had done in-hull transducer installation so that could explain the less-than-stellar sonar readings.

I've recently purchased a Furuno 600 bottom machine. I'm planning on keeping the 350A as my GPS and back up sonar.

Just my story.
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Default Lowrance 350A

Had one on my old boat for 8 years. Year 6
(2 years ago) screen got some condensation inside. Sent it back with $50 and unit comes back in a week. New unit or refurbished? I don't know. It was working perfect when I sold the boat this spring. They even loaded my numbers.

Their great customer service is why I put Lowrance on my new boat.

Just my experience.
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Default Lowrance 350A

This post has been very informative for me. Now I really feel screwed by Lowrance since everyone else has either gotten second hand units fixed free or for low cost and no one has had to wait 6 weeks. I will call them tomorrow and raise bloody hell and see if that gets me anywhere, because playing this there way has got me nowhere.

I read my original post again and it really gets me PO'd. I'm fine with a problem now and then, but its been almost every year with these guys and I get cut no slack.

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Default Lowrance 350A

2 350A's on 2 boats and never a problem. Can't speak to their service because I never needed it. My electronics are inside an electronics box and they never get misted or wet, no corrosion issues for me.

A 27' Tiara Express...for now
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