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Does a GPS with mapping capability help when using 95% of time for reef/bottom fishing? In Louisiana we are blessed by the fact that our artificial reefs (oil production platforms) stick out of the water 100'! 95% of my fishing is rig fishing less than 40 miles offshore. I currently have a hand held Garmin that works fine for this. Looking at electronics to outfit a new boat in the next couple of years (never too early). It's easy to get caught up with the latest and greatest color LCD mapping GPS, etc, etc and the next thing you know you have spent $5k when you could have spent $1k! I'm just curious if I would even benifit from the mapping feature. The only time I use the GPS at all currently is when going to/coming home from a spot over 20 miles offore (where you can't see land). We did it for years with just a compass with no problems.

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NO! 95% of the time. Sometimes that 5% does you in, however. Personal choice.
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I have a gps(raynav300) and a Chartplotter((RL620). I use the 300 for fishing and going to and from shore. I use the chartplotter to navigate Unfamiliar waters. Using the radar(RL72) and the chartplotter together I dont have to work as hard after a long day of fishing returning home in the dark. I can concentrate on looking for other boats and not worrying about being in the channel. You can also compare soundings on the chart to actual soundings to verify position data. Bottom line is can you do without one yes. Is it a useful piece to have yes.
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I've had various Loran-C and GPS units and more recently GPS-charting and colour-charting units. I would not ever go back to non-charting navigational displays. Even my backup is a handheld mapping unit because I can see where I am in relation to my surroundings instantly.

No it is not essential, but it IS worth it.
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