Inverter Selection/Installation

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Default Inverter Selection/Installation

I am considering installing a third battery with an inverter so I could have 120volt power available while out fishing. Mainly I would like to be able to make a pot of coffee or use my 800watt microwave for short periods of time while the engine is running so the alternator would keep the batteries charged. I am looking for information on the best size and type of inverter to install as well as info. on how I would hook it up. My boat is a 28' BHM with a single inboard diesel engine. The boat is equiped with two DEKA HD deep cycle batteries (DC31 DT's), one battery switch (on/off/both), a guest battery charger (model 2610) and 30amp shore power. My thoughts were to add a third battery of the same type and an inverter that could be wired to power my existing 120 volt receptacles. Can the inverter be wired to power the existing receptacles or do you have to use the receptacle on the inverter? Can the inverter be mounted alongside the batteries in the battery compartment? What is the best way to hook up this system? Do you wire the 3rd battery and the inverter independent of the existing two batteries and switch? What type of inverter or equipment is recommended? All input and help will be appreciated.
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Default Inverter Selection/Installation

Lots of very good questions. Would take a lot of typing to answer them.

I have installed a 1000-watt inverter on my boat, to provide the same type of services you have in mind.

Email me and I'll send you a couple of phone numbers. Happy to chat about this, but not up to a lot of keyboarding...


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Default Inverter Selection/Installation

I would use two 6 volt golf cart batterys wired in series for the house battery,1750-1800 watt inverter,could get by with a 1000 watt inverter but I would exspect the 1750 would have a longer life.JMO

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Default Inverter Selection/Installation

Cal Jim,
I personally do not use an inverter but I have read here and elsewhere that you should allow a 30% marigin for best operation.

700 watt device requires a 1000 watt inverter.

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Default Inverter Selection/Installation


I know little about power inverters, but you might want to check out this web site

Among other tit bits of information found there is this statement "Are you aware that a typical 1500 watt high frequency inverter will not start most 600 watt microwave ovens and that some appliances and tools can actually be damaged when used with some of the most common types of inverters !"

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Default Inverter Selection/Installation

I bought a 2000 watt coleman inverter. I ran 2 0 cable directly from my 8D battery. to a rotary switch. It will run my 1000 watt microwave. I had some trouble initially. The inverter was very sensitive to how well the conections were made. wire crimps had to be soldered and the switch had to be the highest amp rateing I could find. But now I can run lots of stuff with it. Hot coffee, cooked fish. warm towels. Im glad I bought it.
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