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shoot-thru hull transducer mounting

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Default shoot-thru hull transducer mounting

What is the right stuff to use to mount the shoot thru hull transducer to the inside of the bottom of my boat....thanks ....Capt.Tim
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Default shoot-thru hull transducer mounting

Do a search of the posts and you'll find more than you barginned for. Be prepared to read that you should just install a thru-hull. I used the Airmar P-79 transducer for shooting thru the hull and am very pleased. The Airmar website gives lots of details. Hope this helps.
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Default shoot-thru hull transducer mounting

Captain Tim,
I did plenty of research on this one and went with the Airmar in hull adjustable dual frequency transducer for my Raymarine 760. I installed it myself in my 25' Carolina Classic with a 24 degree deadrise. Airmar recommends using 3M 4200 to mount the base. The base is then filled with mineral oil and the transducer goes on top. Lots of Info on the site.
Transucer was less than $100 and so far I am pleased. Mine has been used on Lake Erie depths less than 40 feet so far.
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Default shoot-thru hull transducer mounting

I mounted a P79 with 5200 and it worked fine for 3 years, then I had a leak and the oil came out into the bilge. I first tried a bead of 5200 around the edges to reseal, and it still leaked. So, I used some of that anti-bond stuff to take the unit off, cleaned the area, and mounted it back and it has worked fine again. So, 4200 or 5200 will work, but they can leak after a while. At least you can get the ting off to remount. If you use epoxy you are set for life. Be sure to really clean the mounting surface. When you think it is clean, clean it again.
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Default shoot-thru hull transducer mounting

I used a transom mounted transducer epoxed into the bildge. Works fine on my Garmin blue...except you have to know the temp will be off.
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Default shoot-thru hull transducer mounting

This how I installed the M260 through the hull transducer.

After cutting the angle of the plastic housing to match the deadrise of my boat (Parker 23SE), I cut a groove, using a Dremel tool with a cone shaped bit, in the bottom edge of the housing that mates to the hull. Then I filled the grove with 4200 before placing it in a bed of 4200 that was applied to the sanded and cleaned hull. I figured that this psuedo O-ring bead would give the mount added strength for a any lateral forces placed on it, as well as give the entire installation a better seal.
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Default shoot-thru hull transducer mounting

I lined up the angle on the transducer with the 21' deadrise about 3" up from the keel 12" forward of the transom.

I sanded the bottom of the bilge, lightly sanded the bottom of the transducer and stuck it in place with a fast setting 2 part epoxy.

If you use this method, do not use 5200 or any "flexible" type adhesive. The sonar will not shoot thru that stuff.

I got this advice from a guy on the "Parker" website.

It is awsome !!!!
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Default shoot-thru hull transducer mounting

Capt Tim,

I, too, wondered the same thing as I was buying a new Model 80 from Garim as a backup unit for shallow water etc (my main unit doesn't see bottom in less than 6 feet of water). Anyway, I have copied and posted Garmins repsonse in the hopes that it will help you.

Here it is:

It is possible to mount a transom mount transducer to "shoot-thru" the hull. If a boat is made of fiberglass (with no core in the fiber glass) a transom mount transducer maybe able to shoot thru the hull, however you must make sure your boat is no-core fiberglass. You will also need to test* and see if it will work.

*Place a small amount of water in a zip-lock bag, place inside bottom floor of boat. Then place transducer on top, then press firmly, but not to hard, keeping transducer flat to shoot at as level an angle as possible. If you are in 10ft of water and your sounder reads 10ft of water (or +/- .2 ft of known actual depth), then you can epoxy the transducer to the inside hull. ( Non-silicone based epoxy. Marine dealers like West Marine, Boater's World, and Bass Pro offer epoxies specifically made for this purpose).

You could mount to transducer in a mineral oil bath however you would still need to glue the bath and transducer to the bottom of the boat.

Also here is a link to a site that has very good information on mounting Transducers:

I have also attached a file that explains what would be necessary to do the mineral oil bath.

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